Used motorcycle sales stronger then new

The talking heads at Harley In Wisconsin, stated they are hopefully optimistic that new bikes will sell. The going has been sluggish at beat though. Used bikes through private sale are doing very well as scooterfolk that don’t want to be corn holed by dealers for a low trade in price either by new hogs or go to Indian Bikes.

You can’t blame the economy for everything! Harley’s have become way overpriced and people want a better deal then the status quo and many manufactures are stepping up to the plate. As a matter of fact as Harley slips other brands are rising in the ranks and profit department. Triumph sales are up 11% and Indian is has extremely strong sales presently. And lets not forget the sport bike buyers who prefer a faster lightweight motorcycle.

I am afraid HD waited to long to introduce new models that the public may have liked 10 years ago. The added stress on new sales by used sales is kicking the company right in the balls.

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