Scootergoods Moto-Journalist Roger Downunder

This is a very sad story!

ROGER DOWNUNDER 2: When I was in Silverton Colorado I met this young girl in the highest Harley store in America. She was a great chick. Did a photo shoot on my bike and had the world at her feet. She owned a sportster and when she was leaving I asked if that was all she wore. A bandana, a light thin jacket, jeans and runners. I asked her why did’nt she wear a helmet? Up in the mountains, damp, snow etc. Her reply was” I look better in my bandana”. I held her arm and said I will buy you a helmet if you will wear it? She thanked me and declined, we said our see ya lata’s and off she rode. I went away up the mountains for another week. I came back to Silverton and was doing some shopping. An old lady store owner said, You are the guy on the Harley all loaded up from a few days back? I said yes mam, The girl from the Harley shop was talking to you? Yes mam. “she was killed this morning on the way to work” I have never been hit with a sledge hammer like that in my life? Tears rolled down my cheeks in total disbelief. Only a week before I offered her a helmet! She evidently swerved to miss a deer and went over the Armco and bashed her head. I was sick to the stomach. She was 21 and wanted to see the world. When over the other side of Florida I asked a cop about everyone riding around in shorts and flip flops? He just said,”we get the fire department to wash them off the roads at about three a week. He had seen many and had obviously left a scar in him. So guys, Your kids and your loved ones want you around for awhile, cover up and come home? Roger That! From Downunder.

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