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BROTHER JOHN: Last month I wrote on a man in Broward County how was Backer Acted & his guns confiscated. He was scheduled for his hearing, March 28th but I have been unable to find any record of it? I will continue to follow up. It seems ya can’t go thru a day anymore without the ole WTF! You would think people would run out of all the stupid shit but Nooo. It just keeps piling in – they must lay in bed at night thinking up new stupid shit! I’m starting to get a sore neck from just shaking my head all the time & WTF! The media just does not let up on Trump where as during NoBama’s tenure there was a “lot” of really serious wrong doings & the media said noting or tried to cover it up. Sure seems bias to me? During the days following the Parkland school shooting we had the kids riding on emotions making all kinds of demands. You know kids that get sent to bed with out dinner or their video games taken away. These same kids are going to change America’s Bill of Rights with emotions? They had every right to be emotional. However the progressive liberals fed off that by changing gun control to gun safety. We had Senator Bill Nelson telling the kids to keep marching. If they had been marching & protesting against the system that had failed them, they just might have accomplished something. You still keep hearing about the gun control (sorry gun safety) but nothing on the entire system that had failed them! This is not about safety – it’s about control! The 2nd Amendment states: “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state”. When the Bill of Rights was written, there were only muskets which were used by both the military & the peoplenow there is a wide variety of firearms & capabilities. Back then equal firepower was not in question until development came about due to superior firepower to win more wars & uprisings. So then why does our government not want “us” to have equal firepower? Why do you think our nation has never been invaded? Just as when our law enforcement was issued 38 cal revolvers to go against the bad guys who had 45 cal pistols & 45 cal Thompson sub machineguns – equal firepower. Laws that are currently being legislated only effect Law Abiding Citizens. Bad guys are already breaking the law so what how does breaking another law effect them? There were laws passed that if a firearm was used to commit a crime another 2yrs was to added to their sentence – how well has that worked out? Our judicial system is another story!
Till next month Just Say’n – Brother John

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