Justice for Lori & Jamie

In March 2015 we reported the death of Lori Ann Gestring & Jaime Hernandez. The 2 bikers were stopped at a red light in Hudson, Fl. when A DRUNKEN CARELESS DICK hit them from behind.

THE SPEEDING PICK UP NEVER SLOWED FOR THE LIGHT & hit Lori & Jamie pinning the bike under the truck. Unfortunately Lori & Jamie lost their lives. The Driver Joshua Stalker was not arrested at the time but charges were pending and alcohol was not ruled out as a factor.
Update: 3 year’s after Lori & Jaime were taken by this Drunken DICK, justice will finally come! (But will not replace the loss) A jury of Stalkers piers deliberated 6 hours arriving at a GUILTY verdict of 2 counts DUI Manslaughter!
Sentencing is being held in May. Stalker faces 30 years to life in prison for the deaths of Lori and Jamie.
Lori was a USAF Veteran who served her country bravely. It is such a stinkin’ shame a Drunken asswipe took her life and Jamie’s. This tragety and their loss will not be forgotten.
We are glad justice took this guy off the roadway’s but there are alot more out there just like him. Ride Defensively!!!

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