Harley Davidson’s thoughts on trade tarriffs

Harley-Davidson Inc. responded to the EU’s threat of tariffs on their scoots, saying it could have a significant impact.
EU Commis. Jean Juncker identified H-D and Levi jeans as targets for countertariffs. President Trump is gonna tack a 25% tariff on steel imports and 10% on aluminum imports, a move welcomed by the U.S. steel industry. HD said 16% of their sales are in EU. The EU have been enjoying huge tariffs on American made products for 20 years now. For instance China tariffs our cars 25%- we tariff theirs 2% HD’s that go to India have a 100% tariff & on the BUTT end India has ZERO US Tariffs on their bikes. And that is just a Bullschitt deal! OUR PRESIDENT IS RIGHT! He’s got them on the ropes. They export over a 1/2 million tons of Aluminum annually. So the Indian PM, called Trump & said, 50 percentwould be the new deal. Trump stated we’re getting nothing.’ So we get nothing.

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