Fn’ Dick runs over bikers

Raleigh, N.C. — A 35-year-old Raleigh man was arrested in a road rage assault incident with two motorcyclists on Tryon Road in Raleigh Saturday.

Brandon Howard Stadiem was charged with assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury, felony hit and run, misdemeanor hit and run, and assault with a deadly weapon.

Police said Stadiem struck two victims, who were driving motorcycles, with his car. One victim suffered several sprains and the other suffered a concussion. Both have been released from the hospital.

When a group of riders saw the vehicle hit their friend Saturday morning, they couldn’t believe their eyes. They followed Stadiem’s vehicle into an apartment complex in order to get his license plate number for police when he rolled over another rider.

Experienced motorcyclists who watched video of the incident said it looked as though the motorcycle drivers were doing everything right and Stadiem was frustrated and intentionally hit them.

“This gentleman weaponized his vehicle and turned it against people that were not an equal threat to him. There is no amount of training to prepare you for something like that,” said Rodney Long with Evolution Motorcycle Club.

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