Florida Bikers are sick of being killed by Careless Dicks

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) — More than 100 motorcyclists made their way to the Capitol Monday morning from Monticello. The riders and the group ABATE of Florida, Inc. spoke to legislators about some of the safety issues they face every single day.

The state president of ABATE of Florida, Inc., James Reichenbach, said their main focus is trying to cut down on deaths due to drivers who are distracted. He wants to see a bill passed that protects the motorcyclists on the road.

Reichenbach said the most common type of crash involving a car and motorcycle is from left hand turns. Many people can’t see the motorcyclist.

Reichenbach said he’s had five times more motorcyclists die recently from accidents Involving distracted or careless drivers. He believes this type of accident should be considered manslaughter.

“We’re getting killed. We’re getting run over by cars and trucks and everything else and trying to stop that. We’re fathers, we’re mothers, and we have children. We’re just like anybody else, we just happen to ride motorcycles, and we shouldn’t be an endangered species,” said state president of ABATE of Florida, Inc., James Reichenbach.

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