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Bikers on Politics Brother John

Brother John Just Sayin’ If you legally own a firearm – you should be a member of the NRA! That is if you wish to remain legally owning your firearm. It is reported that 130 million people own firearms in the United States with aprox 400 million firearms. The NRA has almost 5 million members (should be 130 million members). However when a poll was taken 14 million people claim to be a member.If those 14 million who claim to be a member – were to actually join. With just their $40 membership dues, that would come out to $560 million just from membership dues. Dumacrats have millions $$ behind them, with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has declared war against the NRA “Put Them Out of Business”! Cuomo has threatened every bank & insurance company to not do business with the NRA. Those that refuse to sever ties with the NRA will find themselves in the crosshairs of New York State agents – to be harassed, hassled & persecuted into submission. Without a bank account the NRA can not continue to operate. Cuomo’s tactics are working, as banks & insurances companies knuckle under to Cuomo’s threats! The NRA has filed suit against Cuomo but needs additional $$ & numbers to fight back! United We Stand – Divided We Fall! Join the NRA!

It has been reported that our great state of Florida is trying to issue drivers licenses to illegal immigrants (Oh – Hell NO)! Really – When did we vote on that one? So it seems that our elected officials can do whatever they want regardless of what the people of Florida want! It has also been reported that the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is backing the lowering of the voting age to 16yrs old  (WTF)! I can’t imagine who  would want to keep doing –
stupid & irresponsible moves over & over? Miami police
chief Jorge Colina say’s he will  ignore SB168 which would
require state & law enforcement to comply with ICE personal &
prohibit sanctuary policies. As police chief, Jorge Colina swore to uphold the laws of the state & federal when he
accepted that position. Now he say’s he don’t want the
job if he has to uphold the laws! Then – Quit! If ya can’t
do what you swore to – no one wants ya in the position!
Just say’n – Brother John


Brooksville Bike Rally is a big deal

The Brooksville Bike Rally has become a big deal,providing a great place for Bikers to meet and greet along with live music,vendors,food,beer and licker drinks.


Once again the Brooksville Bike Rally Cruise in was a smashing success. Emcee’s Big Ragoo and RHSC once again did an awesome job. The band for the day was Mark Shane & the Hurricanes. And the bike show was packed. We will be adding more classes starting next month so more variety can be added. Thanks to Brother John for making the Bike Show Awards,and also thanks to Freedom Abate of Hernando Cty. for taking care of parking. (A special thanks to Parker for his hard work all day.) There where plenty of food vendors and just about all brands of beer where on sale for $3. Liqour drinks are also available in the old morgue building too. The $3 bloody Marys where a big hit.
Pictured left are thw bike show winners in No
particular order. Best of Show Luis,
Best American Marshall MP, Best Touring Jack
Best 3 Wheel Bob Price, Old Skool Walker
Lady Rider Regina, Best Kustom Joe
Best Sportster ET. I want to make this CLEAR. All Scootergoods Bike Shows are for the common man and woman. Dented,Dinged or Dirty. Trailer Queen’s are not welcome. I evem met this nice couple from Canada who are not looking forward to returning to the cold the end of May. YEP it was quite an interesting day of shenanigins.
For event infomation or vendor inquiries go to page 42 of this issue to see more. The next Rally is April 14th with musical guests Rock Street. And as we mentioned Ragoo is adding some brand new classes to the bike show in an effort to
accomodate everyone. Including Metric,Dirtiest and a couple of others. Hope to see you all there.



Motorcycle News from Down Under in Australia

Hi to everyone for the new year. It’s about time you guys visited Aust. Exchange you get $1.30 for every $. Weather is pretty hot here now. We have the classics on at the track this weekend. A container each from America, England, New Zealand v.s, The Aussies. All on ex world superbikes that now have another 50 h.p. from when they were raced. Over 700 entrants with the other classes. Any of these meetings would be a great start to a trip? Next month is the world superbikes, hitting turn one at 250 k’s 6 abreast. Heart stopping action. Here is a picture from the hotrod show last weekend. It is a Brough Superior made in England in 1927. It runs a J.A.P. v-twin engine. Only 32 ever built with that motor.

Value- $250,000. Take note of the alloy fin setup on the header pipes. The owner had a dig at me as most pic’s were taken of my indian chief. We had a good laugh. Next pic is of my good self in the Monster pits at the Moto G.P. I was the only outsider asked in for the entire week. All is top secret with micro seconds on the line. Team members pop in for a beer at my place after the races. Never thought in a million years that I could possibly be welcomed by The team as a special guest. Next pic is a guy that rides his knucklehead 12 hours to get here and home again. All original, she is reliable and a real head turner in the modern world. Last but not least is my mate John and I heading off for a ride down the coast for the day. He has just recovered with a bung leg from a woman in a car driving right in front of him. He got a nice bike as a replacement. My evo is still running like a train. T’was a good day. Watch out for all the idiots out there? Ride safe, Rog, from Downunder.


Motorcycle with no hubs

Here’s a very interesting scoot. The TMC Dumont sits on 36-inch hub less rims either side of a roaring 300-horsepower Rolls-Royce aircraft engine.
The bike is the brainchild of Brazilian ex-Formula One driver and champion

motorcycle custom builder Tarso Marques.Yep 300 horsepower is a hell of a lot of get up and go for a motorcycle, and it’s even madder when you look at the bike’s signature feature: gargantuan, hubless 36-inch wheels that sit high enough to block the rider’s view, and connect to underslung swingarms by the flimsiest of connections. Would you ride this Bike?


Brooksville Motorcycle Rally Big Success

Now that the Brooksville Bike Rally Cruise In is
established in The new location. The crowd was much larger in Dec.

And as always Scootergoods Big Ragoo and RHSC where presiding over the Mayhem.

There where a ton of vendors,Lawless Intent was rockin’ the stage and the bike show was in full swing. Catz Hog Dawgs was doing a brisk business dishing up the weiners to hungry bikers,hot rodders and spectators. Cat gives ya service with a smile along with her ole man “Honey”. So stop by and see them. The event also incorporates local Artisian foods and crafts along with bikes and babes. Beer is available at the morgue building, you can also purchase water and pop from some food vendors. There plenty of seating courtesy of the Sail Inn &live music is sponsored by Lowman Law so thanks to them both. You can also join the Freedom Chapter of ABATE by signing up at their tent. A BIG THANKS to all of you that brought a toy to donate to a child in need the trailer was full of great stuff.
Big Ragoo also auctioned off some items and raised more cash to buy more toys.

The Scootergoods Bike Show had a great turnout.
Thanks to trophy girls Kelly & Kristy from Lowman Law.
Best of Show “Rico”
Best Kustom “Wayne”
Best American “Mark”
Best Import “Dale”
Lady Rider “Little Deb”
Best Metric “David”
Ratt “Miles”
Sporty “Mark
Old Skool “Veriece”
Trike “Bob”
Touring “Big Mike”
There is also a Car Show
presented by AK Customs of Brooksville. Which had some very sweet autos and trucks in the show. We hope to see you all at the January 20th 2019 event.



Where Brooksville Bikers come to Life
1ST-3RD Wednesday Every Month
Free Vendor Setup Call 727-422-3360
Food Available by K’s Grill
615 Old Hospital Way, Brooksville
Across from Maw’s Vittles


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