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The fight for freedom has just begun

The cheat was on for the presidential election, and it appears the blue team has pulled it off and overturned democracy.

What is next? An all out war against anything you as a conservative believe in. The cancel culture plans to gut the bill of rights,put millions out of work,indoctrinate our youth with the promise of everything free if they obey Jo and the Ho.

OUR AMERICA, will be invaded from the south with illegal freeloaders and plenty of criminal and terrorists thrown in the mix. ANY THOUGHTS?


Save America vote Trump

This is the most important election of our lifetime. T he very fabric of who we are as Americans is at stake. The Blue team is willing to do anything to win! Social networks are on their side. Antifa is made up of 60% school teachers. BLM is attempting to make you think their way from their bully pulpit. It must stop! Does anyone have a plan?


Drunken bitch kills biker

There is nothing worse then Drunken Bitch hitting a fellow biker and leaving them to die. What’s adds salt to the wound is the fact that see committed this crime and was let out on bail. Then there is all the waiting for justice which could take years.


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