Two Bikers Gunned down on California Freeway

BERNARDINO, Calif. (AP) — One motorcyclist was killed and another was wounded early Friday when they were shot on a Southern California freeway while wearing the insignia of a motorcycle gang, police said.

A group of three motorcyclists, including the two victims, was riding on State Route 210 in San Bernardino when one had mechanical trouble, prompting them to pull into the center median, said Lt. Mike Madden, a police spokesman.

Investigators believe they were stopped for less than five minutes when shots were fired, he said.

Shawn Fowler, 44, of Utah was killed and a second man was wounded. Fowler’s wife, who was the third person in the group, was not struck by the gunfire.


American Legion 237 Flag Run

A Big thanks to our readers at Amvets Post 237 in Beverly Hills Florida for the Flag placing run they made to Bushnell Vets Cemetery. The club riders and guests placed 1100 flags.

The Post is located at American Legion Post # 237
6726 N. Lecanto Hwy.

Beverly Hills, Fl. 34465
Post Hours are from 11:00 A.M. until closing

Member John M had this to say:
In April we did a flag run for American legion Post 237, we layed the flags today. We are and always will be transparent. Here is where all the money we raised in April went to!! We hope to expand this and making it bigger next year!! We thank everyone who rides will us every month!!!


Motorcycle News would you pay 2 million for the Bike

Swiss watch maker Bucherer want to show you just what they are worth. So they have commissioned Swiss custom house Bünder to outfit the world’s most expensive motorcycle. The Harley-Davidson Blue Edition is estimated to be worth US$1.9 million.​ The scoot has 360 diamonds all gold-plated screws.

The Harley Softail Slim S, had everything just about replaced with hand-manufactured bling which took 2,500 hours of labor to complete. Bucherer claims “every metal element on this one-of-a-kind motorcycle has been produced, welded, beaten, ground and polished by hand.”   What do ya Think? Leave a comment



Used motorcycle sales stronger then new

The talking heads at Harley In Wisconsin, stated they are hopefully optimistic that new bikes will sell. The going has been sluggish at beat though. Used bikes through private sale are doing very well as scooterfolk that don’t want to be corn holed by dealers for a low trade in price either by new hogs or go to Indian Bikes.

You can’t blame the economy for everything! Harley’s have become way overpriced and people want a better deal then the status quo and many manufactures are stepping up to the plate. As a matter of fact as Harley slips other brands are rising in the ranks and profit department. Triumph sales are up 11% and Indian is has extremely strong sales presently. And lets not forget the sport bike buyers who prefer a faster lightweight motorcycle.

I am afraid HD waited to long to introduce new models that the public may have liked 10 years ago. The added stress on new sales by used sales is kicking the company right in the balls.


Definition of a Biker

I have been riding motorcycles for all my life and have experienced Biker Lifestyle in many states. This came to my attention the other day and I wanted to share it with you. Seems the URBAN Dictionary has come up with a definition of a Biker. It seems to be just a willie nillie definition but does make a point I suppose. So here it is.

“A biker is some one who not only owns a motorcycle but rides it for pleasure as well as transport. They tend to be a friendly bunch but any who crosses them will be “persuaded” not to do so again!” That’s not to bad I suppose, but I wish to add-Bikers are family folks, Biker Family Folks. We all share a common bond that cagers,posers and all other factions can not understand. We are fiercely independent patriots with love for freedom of speech,expression and self protection. We give to charity when others won’t,we support and never turn or backs on people in need, especially 1 of our own. We Bikers are probly the only people that have tee shrts and jeans on hangers in our closets,along with our vest,leather jackets and chaps. We travel light but always have what we need in our saddlebags. Our vest patches are extentions of our personalities and also a rememberance of fellow bikers lost.
So for all of you who wish to join our culture here is a word of advice. Don’t make the classic mistake of buying a nice new shiny bike as a first ride. Go buy a piece of crap out of the paper. Take a safety course and Ride it alone, Ride it in the rain. Fall down on it. Fix it. Learn to ride that bike until you feel ridiculous on it. Then you’re ready to graduate to a newer shiney bike but soon will outgrow that as well. Point being earn your rosd credentials through perseverance.


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