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Harley takes huge tax cuts but hands out pink slips

Unions seeking to save American jobs have specifically criticized Harley-Davidson for investing in a new Thailand factory after receiving massive tax cuts from the GOP tax plan and planning to take work off shore.

The manufacturer announced it would be creating 400 additional jobs by building a factory in York, Pa., just over 1,000 miles from its Kansas City location.

The union claims some of the jobs are going to Thailand.

Harley Stated “The plant under construction in Thailand is a separate and unrelated issue. Part of our long-term strategy is to grow our international business to 50 percent of our annual volume by 2027. The Thailand facility will allow us to be competitive and provide riders greater access to our brand and our products in an expanding global marketplace”

What do you think?



More Then Motorcycles Scootergoods Blog

You may think that H-D & Indian make all their money on Motorcycles.
But they make kajillions on apparel. And usually right off the bat when a newbie buys a bike they don’t even leave the store without a couple of hundred bucks of doo dads and other various fallderall to let everyone know they just bought a bike.

You can buy jewelry,stuff for the kids and even Biker out your dogs.


Let’s Ride Grand Opening Scootergoods Magazine

On April 15th the
grand opening of Let’s
Ride’s new store took place with, live music by SGM’s Lawless
Intent/Ragoo & RHSC.

I am very impressed with the new store, the layout and choice of items is absolutly
superb. Lisa & Bob went to great lengths to put everything right at your fingertips.
They have a stellar assortment of Bike luggage and sissy bar bags along with every thing a biker has on their wish list so stop by,
7422 State Rd. 52, Port Richey Fl. 727-815-1900


Scootergoods Moto-Journalist Roger Downunder

This is a very sad story!

ROGER DOWNUNDER 2: When I was in Silverton Colorado I met this young girl in the highest Harley store in America. She was a great chick. Did a photo shoot on my bike and had the world at her feet. She owned a sportster and when she was leaving I asked if that was all she wore. A bandana, a light thin jacket, jeans and runners. I asked her why did’nt she wear a helmet? Up in the mountains, damp, snow etc. Her reply was” I look better in my bandana”. I held her arm and said I will buy you a helmet if you will wear it? She thanked me and declined, we said our see ya lata’s and off she rode. I went away up the mountains for another week. I came back to Silverton and was doing some shopping. An old lady store owner said, You are the guy on the Harley all loaded up from a few days back? I said yes mam, The girl from the Harley shop was talking to you? Yes mam. “she was killed this morning on the way to work” I have never been hit with a sledge hammer like that in my life? Tears rolled down my cheeks in total disbelief. Only a week before I offered her a helmet! She evidently swerved to miss a deer and went over the Armco and bashed her head. I was sick to the stomach. She was 21 and wanted to see the world. When over the other side of Florida I asked a cop about everyone riding around in shorts and flip flops? He just said,”we get the fire department to wash them off the roads at about three a week. He had seen many and had obviously left a scar in him. So guys, Your kids and your loved ones want you around for awhile, cover up and come home? Roger That! From Downunder.

0 Moto-Journalist Brother John

BROTHER JOHN: Last month I wrote on a man in Broward County how was Backer Acted & his guns confiscated. He was scheduled for his hearing, March 28th but I have been unable to find any record of it? I will continue to follow up. It seems ya can’t go thru a day anymore without the ole WTF! You would think people would run out of all the stupid shit but Nooo. It just keeps piling in – they must lay in bed at night thinking up new stupid shit! I’m starting to get a sore neck from just shaking my head all the time & WTF! The media just does not let up on Trump where as during NoBama’s tenure there was a “lot” of really serious wrong doings & the media said noting or tried to cover it up. Sure seems bias to me? During the days following the Parkland school shooting we had the kids riding on emotions making all kinds of demands. You know kids that get sent to bed with out dinner or their video games taken away. These same kids are going to change America’s Bill of Rights with emotions? They had every right to be emotional. However the progressive liberals fed off that by changing gun control to gun safety. We had Senator Bill Nelson telling the kids to keep marching. If they had been marching & protesting against the system that had failed them, they just might have accomplished something. You still keep hearing about the gun control (sorry gun safety) but nothing on the entire system that had failed them! This is not about safety – it’s about control! The 2nd Amendment states: “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state”. When the Bill of Rights was written, there were only muskets which were used by both the military & the peoplenow there is a wide variety of firearms & capabilities. Back then equal firepower was not in question until development came about due to superior firepower to win more wars & uprisings. So then why does our government not want “us” to have equal firepower? Why do you think our nation has never been invaded? Just as when our law enforcement was issued 38 cal revolvers to go against the bad guys who had 45 cal pistols & 45 cal Thompson sub machineguns – equal firepower. Laws that are currently being legislated only effect Law Abiding Citizens. Bad guys are already breaking the law so what how does breaking another law effect them? There were laws passed that if a firearm was used to commit a crime another 2yrs was to added to their sentence – how well has that worked out? Our judicial system is another story!
Till next month Just Say’n – Brother John


Get Horny with a Screaming Banshee, Scootergoods Magazine Blog

Sick of Careless Dicks cutting you off? This horn will shock them! The Screaming Banshee’s 130+ decibel blast can be heard from up to 3 blocks away! This combined with our integrated flashing high beam feature helps assure you are heard and seen. No other air horn installs this easy – no relays, extra wiring or connectors to buy. Just remove your stock horn, connect the Banshee Horn. Run a wire to a power supply and you’re done! You can optionally connect to your High Beam too for added visual impact. It is 40% smaller than any other air horns, 20% louder, Unique dual volume (Friendly / Angry) modes,Full 12 month no-hassle warranty.
For more info and pricing please visit their website.


Cyril Huze to retire from Blog

Directly from Cyril  ” Due to a health issue discovered in 2017 requiring all my attention, I can no longer focus 100% on writing the Cyril Huze Post and traveling intensively in the US and abroad.”

His commentary will be missed and we here at the Scootergoods Magazine Blog will miss his insight and announcements.

Good luck Cyril,


Scootergoods Magazine Windy Acres 2018

Another incredible Windy Acres adventure has passed and we would like to Thank the Galbreath family for opening up the pasture for Bikers from everywhere. The over 21 only event is lengendary for shenanigins, bands, (The Missin Pistons where fantastic on Saturday Night) adult games, body paint and
funbags, Emceed by Scootergoods Big Ragoo and RHSC.

The SG staff campsite (Area 51) is across from the
Section 8 Crew 2 doors down from the Sons of Bitches.
We can see all the road action as untethered yaboo’s,gazongas
growlers and jubbies parade by in endless formation. Also more and more women visit Pirate the Body Painter each year to have their breatickles adorned. It is of the chain.

Scootergoods Freewheelin Franklin & Gary have provided these pix so you can get the jist of the deal and join in the fun next April. There are no reservations and all sites are 1st come/1st served. Food is available on site, or you can bring your own, it is also BYOB. And another plus is the schitters are kept immaculate and cleaned twice a day. There are also hot showers located around the campground too. So if you wanna have a spectacular time with other bikers
with out all the arcaic regulations of other campgrounds, Windy Acres is for you.
All the info is available on the following page for reference.


2018 Performance CyclezCombustion Carnival

Once again MotorSickle Mayhem ran rampant at the Performance Cyclez Scootergoods Magazine Combustion Carnival on
March 31st. Scooter Folk from all over the area rode in for the frivolity. Scootergoods Big Ragoo and RHSC kept things motorin’ along with Music,Games and our  now world famous Tri-Sickle Races.Also all proceeds from the Bike Show went to PTSD VET’S, along with the $$$ from auction items provided by vendors. A shout out to ADevents Models for the Free Bike Wash. So if you missed the  2018 Show ya better make plans
to attend the Show on March 30th 2019 See you there!!