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MOTORCYCLIST ALERT Winter Haven man created fake charity to steal thousands from donors and vets


POLK COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – Authorities say a Winter Haven man raised money for veterans only to line his own pockets.

Chris Edwards, 49, was the man behind “Power to our Vets,” a so-called charity that he claims helped veterans with their electric bills by selling solar power to Bay area companies.

Edwards built an online presence with social media accounts and even built a bogus website to promote multiple events, according to State Attorney Brian Haas.

Haas claims Edwards failed to award prizes after the events and raffles and for at least a year, he managed to fool donors and veterans.

“There was never a real charity, it was just a complete scam. He had folks giving money, donating items for raffles, doing all kinds of events where he thought that he had everyone fooled,” said Haas.

Haas claims Edwards failed to award prizes after the events and raffles and for at least a year, he managed to fool donors and veterans.

“He was not a 501C3. He just continued to mislead people and took advantage of a feeling in our society of wanting to help veterans. And

he prayed on that,” Haas told News Channel 8.

Investigators say Edwards deposited the money he collected for the charity into his own bank accounts. In March 2016, he held a raffle for a Harley Davidson motorcycle and likely sold thousands of dollars in ticket sales, but the winner could not claim his prize, despite paying a sales tax on the bike. In November, he held the same raffle and the same person won, but again, never received the prize.

“He was very charismatic, had a great personality. He was trustworthy, so it seemed,” said Casey McKibben, a General Manager with McKibben Powersport Honda.




Motorcyclist Chilly on Chili Run

By  New Jersey Herald

Posted: Jan. 2, 2018 12:01 am

OGDENSBURG — Dale’s annual Chilly Chili Run to benefit Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice certainly lived up to its name on Monday.

Though temperatures barely rose into the double digits, members of the Blue Knights Chapter IX motorcycle club still turned out to brave the cold and show their support for a good cause.

“We’ve been doing this run for about 30 years, and I honestly don’t think it’s ever been this cold,” said Jeff Hunker, goodwill ambassador for the club. “When we showed up at 9 a.m. to register, it was only about 2 degrees. “The thing is, though, that the members of this club are some of the best, most generous people in the world. It takes a lot to keep us down, and even though Mother Nature threw us a curve ball this year, we still got out there and did what we could.”

Hunker said that this year’s event attracted about 180 people.

“A few years ago, we had 70 degree weather on New Year’s,” he said. “I think we had something like 900 bikes that year. The whole of Ogdesnburg had to be shut down to make room for the bikes. You can’t control the weather, though, and a lot of folks just couldn’t make it this time around.

“We actually only had about 35 bikes out on the road this year. A lot of our regular riders said they couldn’t get their bikes to start up, so we had people following behind in their cars instead.”

The 28-mile run, which begins and ends at the Ogdensburg Firehouse, has become a long-standing tradition among motorcycle enthusiasts from around the area.

“This all started when a few of our members decided it would be fun to kick the New Year off with a ride,” Hunker said. “A few years later, one of the guys, Dale Lewis’ wife fell sick. He was so impressed with the level of care that she received at Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice that he asked us if we would want to turn the run into a fundraiser.

“It’s just been getting bigger every year. Even when it’s this cold out, it doesn’t matter. The run is still a lot of fun and it goes to support a very important resource for our community, so we’re glad to do it.”

As the name of the event suggests, the run always ends with a steaming bowl of homemade chilli waiting for each rider, courtesy of the Ogdensburg Fire Department.

Hunker said that while the club was still tallying donations Monday afternoon, he estimated that this year’s event probably raised around $2,000 for the hospice center.

Motorcycle Rally Starting in Brooksville Florida

Yes sir there is gonna be a new Bike Rally in Brooksville.

Well it finally happened, HELL musta froze over, because the City of Brooksville has agreed to let a Motorsickle Event take place right downtown. And they are even gonna allow BEER & LIVE MUSIC. Personally I think it is gonna be great for our biker
community. Scootergoods will be there every month snappin’ pixs, doing videos and getting the drone in the air for overhead
action. So get on the scoot and ride on over and enjoy the company of fellow bikers just chilaxin’ and talking bikes, and looking over the sights. 3rd Sunday of March-June & Sept-December. Sunday March 18th 2018 is the Innaugural Event. Interested vendors please call Mike @ 727-422-3360 and let’s get the show on the road and make this event a mini Leesburg!!! Proceeds benefit local charity.

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