One Response to Why Riders are Questioning Harley Davidson

  1. DON November 14, 2018 at 12:40 pm #

    Iv owned a Harley for 40 some odd years I’m 62 now and live in Fla. Iv been all over the country on a Harley. There have been times that it was my only way to get around. I got my first car when I was around 35. It was always me and the bike. Riding in the rain the cold it was a way of life. Then you marry and kids and you need to slow your roll. I have four Harleys now in the garage that I ride. I think that we bikers are getting older now and the younger gen. Is just to into there x-box and what-nots . I say this because as I was going to Wal mart Sat. I ran up on a few riders on Harleys and we are all over the age of 50. Just a opinion of mine, then the price , We all know they dont give them away. But as for me I still ride out to Daytona every chance it get I still like the bars and beer and the wild ways of the Harley Biker

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