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APRIL 2016
SPILLA: Hey scooterfolk, since I’ve been driving a school bus the following subject has really gotten to me. The subject I’m referring to is the use or lack of use of directional/ turn signals, or blinkers. What’s so hard to let people know what the fuch you’re doing on the road? Get off the phone! It doesn’t help when you slow down turn into the turn lane then signal your turning; let me know you’re turning into the turn lane, dumbass. I cannot correctly predict what your actions are going to be without communication. Give me some time to slow down the 30,000 pound yellow bus coming up on your ass. One hundred feet would be great. As a safe operator of a motor vehicle, you can avoid many collisions while driving by using your directional signal, as well as being alert for other drivers using their directional signal. The use of the blinker while we are scooting around on our bikes is probably more vital. I know most of us while riding use signals, either hand or turn signals, some use both. I believe some accidents involving motorcycles can be avoided if turn signal were used more often. Example: if a cage slows down in front of a bike, the biker starts to pass on the left then the cage turns left. The collision could have been prevented if the rider knew the intension of the driver; if the left turn signal was on he would not have attempted to pass. I guess the best we all can do is to stay alert on the road.Let’s all lead by example, use your turn signal whether riding or driving. Like in most aspects of life communication is vital. Directional Signals are Vital to Safe DrivingRide Defensively and Stay Safe Spilla

MARCH 2016
Hey Scooterfolk we have been attending some nice events the past couple of months. On January 23rd I participated in the 2nd annual Terry Irwin Memorial Run. Terry was a long time member of the Eagles Aeries 4208, Eagle Rider and a Veteran. It was somewhat chilly this day, about a dozen bikes and a We visited some of Terry’s favorite spots. The Tiki Hut on 52, the VFW 4412, Fisherman’s Shack and the Upper Deck before heading back to the Eagles 4208 in Hudson. There they had $5 food plates, raffle items, a 50/50 and auction. I ended up winning a nice blanket in the auction. Florida Bikers Helping Florida Bikers donated $200 to the event. The event raised about $1,600 to go to the Fisher House in Tampa. The Fisher House is a nonprofit that helps house veterans and their families while the veteran is receiving medical treatment at a VA Hospital. The next day we attended DonV’s birthday bash at the Handlebar. Somehow my name got on the cake too. My birthday was the following Sunday, January 31st. On the 30th of January Lisa and I attended a fundraiser at the Hay Loft for Randy Darling. I didn’t know Randy personally but by the turnout on such short notice he was a very well-liked man. I’m not sure how much was raised that day, I think about $1,200. I won a smoker in an auction. On my birthday a bunch (20) of us went on a nice ride up to Inverness and had a late lunch, early dinner at Stumpknockers. Good food, I love the fried mushrooms! On Feb 6th Lisa and I went up to Brooksville and attended the Native American Festival, it was raining so we caged the ride. We really enjoyed the dancing and the music. Because of the weather they danced under the pavilion which made it up close and personal. We saw some beautiful jewelry, well made crafts and clothing. I particularly enjoyed the display of the way they lived back in the day. Of course I couldn’t leave until I tried some Fry Bread. On Febuary 7th Florida Bikers Helping Florida Bikers raised over $1,400 for Horse Connections, a nonprofit that provides therapeutic horsemanship lessons for children and adults with disabilities at Rocking Horse Farm, on Plathe Road in Pasco County. This election year is very important so please vote in the primary. YES YOUR VOTE
MATTERS! Ride Defensively and Stay Safe “SPILLA”

Hey Scooter folk, hope you are enjoying the cooler weather. At the end of this month ( SundayFebruary 28th) the Spring Hill Eagle Riders 4208 are having a Bike Run and fundraising event to raise money to fight Ovarian Cancer.
They are starting from the Eagles club at 8517 Bolton Avenue in Hudson FL. Registration at 11AM, KSU at 12 noon with three stops before returning to Bolton Avenue.Following the run the event will continue with food,raffles and a 50/50drawing with all proceeds going to fight Ovarian Cancer. Live music will be provided by “Duces Wild.” Event T-shirts and Patches will be available for a donation. Patches are being made by Sherri L Jung (A Matter of Stiches). Shirts designed by Crystal Cunningham. Ovarian cancer is one of the deadliest killers our ladies can get. It’s called the silent killer. Let’s get together and help do something about it. Moffitt Cancer Center will be receiving the donations from this event to be directed specifically for ovarian cancer research. They offer their patients the latest options in clinical trials, and through those efforts, Moffitt is taking great strides in research and individualized care.Ovarian cancer is malignant, or cancerous, cells that affect tissues in the ovaries. These tissues may be the cells that cover the ovaries (epithelial cells), the cells inside the ovaries that produce eggs (germ cells), or the cells that hold the ovaries together and produce female hormones (stromal cells).For women with ovarian cancer or any other type of gynecologic cancer, Moffitt Cancer Center is the best-staffed facility for providing world-class, individualized treatment, as well as some of the highest survival rates and an improved quality of life. Join us for this ride and event, if you don’t want to ride then just go to the Spring Hill Eagles Club 4208 in your cage. FROM A WHISPER TO A ROAR, OVARIAN CANCER NO MORE. I know we all agree cancer SUCKS.
Ride Defensively and Stay Safe Spilla

JUNE 2015
I received a call from Texa member of the VFW Riders Post 186 who invited me to join them on Thursday April 30th as they were going to escort the Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall. I met them at Hardees 19 and 50 and we rode up to Citrus County. What an honor it was for meto take part in escorting the Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall from Crystal River Mall to Wallace Brooks Park in Inverness. There had to be over 200 bikes, plus cars and jeeps. Ibegan helping other volunteers to erect the 300 foot memorial wall. It was emotional putting up the wall.

4.30 Lucky and Doc (2) 4.30 VFW 186 (2) 5.2 Skates 5.2 Wall (2)

As we were putting panels into place people came by and asked if they could locate friends on the wall. Those who requested carried the panelin which there loved ones name is engraved to its designated location. It took over 4 and half hours to complete. After the completion of the wall I took a step back to see what we had done, but when I did that, I didn’t quite feel the full impact of the wall. The wall was there through the weekend so Lisa, Missy and I rode up to Wallace Brooks Park in Inverness to take part in the Program to Welcome Home and Honor Veterans of the Vietnam War on the wars 50th Anniversary, a weekend long event. When we arrived on our scoots and as we approached the wall you could feel the emotion amongst those in attendance. I now have reached full impact of the meaning of the wall. People left things at the base of the wall and others,were etching names onto paper. The wall is 3/5ths the size of the original in Washington DC and stands 6 feet tall. Two guys (Doc and Lucky) take the wall all over the Eastern part of the states. They are on the road 9 months out of the year. That’s a lot of dedication being on the road that long. They had a book with the names of everyone listedon the wall, so you can locate a loved one.As of 2011, the total is now 58,272 names listed on the Wall, as it is in Washington, D.C. The Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall is part of the Vietnam and All Veterans of Brevard (V V B) located in Brevard County Florida.The V V B is a 501(c)(3) organization that was formed and incorporated in December of 1985. If you are interested in having the wall in your community there web site is www.travelingwall.us. To all who have served thank you. Especially you Vietnam Veterans! God bless you and Welcome Home.
Ride Defensively and Stay Safe “Spilla”


MAY 2015

Hey Scooterfolk.  While out getting some wind one beautiful Florida afternoon I stopped in and had me a visit at Venom’s and The Back Room. The owner Minh Mai and his wife Lori informed me of the plans they have for the property. It sure sounded like they are going to make the shop and the bar bigger and better. Minhinformed me about his plan to add a showroom for the bikes he builds and the used bikes he has for sale.He said he plans on using the first four rooms of what was the motel across the parking area. That will give them more room in the shop area to work on your scoot. They won’t have to be pushing the bikes in and out of different areas every day. The picture with Minh and a bike being worked on is a project he does once a year. He builds a bike for a charity. It’s a raffle with the proceeds going to a less fortunate child who is in a burn center.About Venoms Back Room, Lori said they want to make the outside deck a little bigger. They also plan on adding seating and lighting to the area behind the shop along the pond. It would be accessiblefrom the Back Room’s deck.I love to have a beverage outside in this great weather. I will say the food they are serving is very good. Lisa and I have had a couple different items on the menu and enjoyed them very much. They also have started bike nights on Tuesday with live music. Wednesday is ladies night.Monday,Thursday and Saturday they have Karaoke. On Friday they have a duo or three piece bands. The Friday we were there Deuces Wild was playing and they sound very good. When you go there you might see Minh’s Egg Rolls on the menu board. It’s a secret why they are called Minh’s! I believe in supporting our local establishments,help keep small businesses alive. Stop in and check the happenings at Venoms and Venoms back room, good times good people.
Ride Defensively and Stay Safe “Spilla”


APRIL 2015
Hi Tech South Ross Mullen:
Hey Scooter Folk, while I was out scooting around one day I stopped in at Hi-Tech CustomCycle in Holiday. I had a great visit talking with the owner Ross Mullen. Ross has been working on motorcycler for over 25yrs. I was very impressed with his knowledge. The shop has a bay with three lifts, a machine shop and a parts store. If you work on your own bike and are looking for parts give Ross a call he has a lot of parts in stock. He also has a lot of accessories for sale in the store. I hear the debate of regular oil versus synthetic so I asked Ross his opinion on the slick subject. Hesaid he preferred regular oil and that he is not abig fan of synthetic oils. Ross stated that you need to change regular oil a little more often and that regular oil has been around for a long time. I guesshe figures if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Ross doesn’tfeel there is any big benefit to synthetic oil. I would say it’s a matter of personal preference about which oil to use. If you have work done by Ross and you prefer synthetic he has no problem accommodating you. Stop in and check out Hi-Tech, a lot of locals come by and hang out during the day. Check out his ad in the magazine for location and phone number.To follow up on what I wrote about last month, motorcycle awareness. I sent an email to the Pasco County FL Traffic Operations in regard to finding out how we go about getting signage up warning drivers to look for motorcycles, but I have not heard back from them yet. I will give updates as I get answers on the subject. One other tidbit of information I’d like to share. If you are going to CCW be familiar with the weapon, understand how it works. I read that a guy fell off his bike and was killed when the hand gun he had in his jacket pocket discharged, the bullet hit him in the chest. Don’t be a dumbass know how your weapon works! Ride Defensively and Stay Safe “SPILLA”

MARCH 2015
Sadly Scooter Folk, over a short period of time we have lost too many of our brothers and sisters. We have also had too many hurt from Careless Dicks not doing their due diligence and looking for us on our scoots. It’s true our bones are our bumpers. How do we as the biker community get Cagers to have more awareness of us while they are on the roads? Why are accidents that involve vehicles vs
motorcycles treated the same as vehicle to vehicle accidents?  Should this be something we should try and change through state laws?  Can these laws be changed?  Should we get signs posted along our roads?  In 2009 Allstate established a campaign, Once is Not Enough (O.N.E.) to create awareness to help reduce motorcycle crashes with other vehicles at intersections.  The primary message of the campaign is simple, look twice because once is not enough.  Allstate worked with FHA, Federal Highway Administration to make sure the signs are incompliance with the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.They are yellow diamond shape warning signs that read “Watch For Motorcycles.”    The signs are a great idea but have you seen any of those in the areas we ride?  The best thing we can do for ourselves is to ride even more defensively than we do now.  We know Intersections are the most likely place for a motorcycle mishap  because of the failure of motorists to detect and recognize motorcycles in traffic.   Doing my research I found this about motion:“Motion is difficult to perceive when it is directly along the line of sight. Because the object is stationary relative to the background, an observer doesn’t see a change in the overall image and thus isn’t cued to the presence of a moving object. Though the object increases in apparent size as it nears, the change goes unnoticed at first–moving from 1000ft distant to 900ft may not affect the image enough to trigger a response. A motorcycle is particularly susceptible to motion camouflage because its cross-section area as seen by an observer is much less than that of a larger vehicle.”  he looming affect is the second part of the intersection problem we face.  This is the Careless Dick freezing up when they realize a motorcycle is approaching rapidly. A deer in the headlights affect.  How do we make the Careless Dick see us?  Try zigzagging in your lane to get the attention of the driver at the intersection; this movement will bring you out of the motion amouflage. I have quite a few questions, but not many answers, so please while riding be aware of your surroundings. Maybe as a
community we can get some answers to the questions I have. (REPlease while riding be very aware of your surroundings.
Try to ride in a group, there is safety in numbers.
Ride Defensively and Stay Safe “ SPILLA”

Hey Scooter Folk. The community has lost one of its sheepdogs that watched over the flock of sheep. Sunday 1/4/2015 was a nice morning for a ride. Over 300 bikes gathered at the FOP in Land o Lakes. Unfortunately the gathering was taking place because a low life shot and killed an upstanding man of the Pasco County community. On 12/21/2014 Police Officer Charles Kondek while on patrol for Tarpon Springs Police answered a loud noise call. The low life shot the officer in the street because he didn’t want to back to jail. The memorial ride to honor Charlie K, as he was called, was attended by many riding groups, civilians, law enforcement riding groups and MC’s. At about 9AM after a silent prayer and the pledge of allegiance, escorted by the Pasco Sheriff’s Office, we headed north on Rte 41, taking a right onto Hale Road. We wound through the area making our way to Ehren Cutoff, riding that until we got to Rte52, where we headed west to the Rotary Concourse. The pavilion is a sweet place for an event. Over the course of the day they had three bands and hundreds of people coming and going. It did not cost anything to enter the event. The proceeds of everything that was sold and raffled went to the family of Officer Kondek. I have no idea how much money was raised but it had to be a decent amount.
10898317_10204885128200889_152813324384568344_n 10906182_810546862337380_5236114058253216619_n 10906422_807286192663447_5810274006928008992_n

The Charles Kondek Memorial Fund has been set up to benefit the family. Anyone wishing to donate can drop off a check to any Wells Fargo Bank. Most of the people in our society are sheep. They are kind, gentle, productive creatures who can only hurt one another by accident. Then there are the wolves, and the wolves feed on the sheep without mercy. Then there are sheepdogs, which live to protect the flock and confront the wolf. The sheep generally do not like the sheepdog. He looks a lot like the wolf. He has fangs and the capacity for violence. The difference, though, is that the protectors must not, cannot and will not ever harm the people in the community. Any protector that intentionally harms the lowliest little lamb will be punished and removed. Still, the sheepdog disturbs the sheep. He is a constant reminder that there are wolves in the land. Here is how the sheep and the sheepdog think differently. The sheep pretend the wolf will never come, but the sheepdog lives for that day. RIP Charlie K EOW Ride Defensively and Stay Safe “Spilla”

HAPPY NEW YEAR Scooter Folk.  I found out about Wreaths Across America from Betty Gagnon, A member of SCBH & PGRiders. Wreaths Across America is a nonprofit org. that’s mission is to REMEMBER, HONOR and TEACH.  One of the things WAA is committed to is teaching younger generations about the value of our freedoms, and the importance of honoring those who sacrificed so much to protect those freedoms. WAA offers learning tools, interactive media projects and encourages groups to participate in WAA events. They also try to get The Greatest Generation and The Generation Of Hope to connect so the World War II veterans can pass on their inspirational stories to leaders of the future.  The wreaths are made using 10 balsam bouquets, with each bouquet standing forspecial qualities of those who have served.  Starting from the top and going clockwise, 1) Faith in God, 2) Love for One Another, 3) Strength work ethic and character, 4) Honesty and Integrity, 5) Humility selflessness and modesty, 6) Ambitions and Aspirations, 7) Optimism for America, 8) Concern for the Future Generations, 8) Pride in Carrying out their duties, 10) Hopes and Dreams, they didn’t always come true but left them with no regrets. The evergreen is for longevity and endurance. The red bow is for the great sacrifice. The forest scent is for purity and simplicity.  The circular shape represents eternity, having no end.  A little history of how WAA started. The owner of Worcester Wreath Company back in 1992 had a lot of wreaths leftover from the season so he remembered a trip he went on as a youth to Washington DC and the Arlington National Cemetery. He was very impressed with the National Cemetery and thought he could honor veterans by placing the wreaths on the gravesites. With the help from a Maine Senator they were able to place the wreaths at Arlington. A local trucking company transported the wreaths and volunteers from local VFW’s and American Legions tied red bows and decorated the wreaths.This went on with very little notice until 2005 when a picture of the stones with wreaths covered in snow at the Arlington cemetery was put on the internet. Thousands of requests came in from all over the country. Unable to provide thousands of wreaths, in 2006 the Worcester family began sending 7 wreaths to each state, one wreath for each branch of the service and a wreath for MIA/POW’s. With the help of the Civil Air Patrol and other civic organizations, simultaneous wreath laying ceremonies were held at over 150 locations around the country.It was at this time the Patriot Guard Riders began escorting the wreaths going to Arlington. This began the annual “Veterans Honor Parade” that travels the east coast in early December.In 2007, the Worcester family, along with veterans, and other groups and individuals who had helped with their annual Christmas wreath ceremony in Arlington, formed Wreaths Across America, a non profit 501-c3 organization, to continue and expand this effort, and support other groups around the country who wanted to do the same. In 2008 over 300 locations held wreath laying ceremonies in the states and overseas, with over 60,000 volunteers. December 13, 2008 The wreath laying ceremony is held the 2nd or 3rd Saturday in December. The number of locations has continued to grow. On December 13th I left home at 7AM and rode to the Walmart Distribution Center in Brooksville, it was a tad chilly, 40 degrees, to participate in escorting wreaths to the Florida National Cemetery in Bushnell. Bikers from all over showed up, I didn’t count them, but there was a shyt load. PGR, MC’s, Legion Riders were some of the groups taking part in the escort.We began the escort at about 930. There was another escort that came from Lakeland they started their escort at about 830. After we arrived at the cemetery and at about 1030 they started giving out the wreaths and people began placing them at the stones. They had locators


there so you could find individual gravesites if you desired. I met up with a local couple Tex and Kathy. They were with a group of Legion Riders. Kathy and I placed our wreaths together. It was a beautiful event; the ceremony they had was very emotional for all that were present. The most distinguished guest present was a veteran who was a WWII POW. They placed 8,903 wreaths at the Florida National Cemetery on such a beautiful day honoring and remembering those who have served this country, so we can be free
have served this country, so we can be free. It was nice to see young people taking part and learning about the sacrifices made by veterans andtheir families to preserve our freedoms. Next year “don’t say I should have.” “Say I did.” The goal at the Florida National Cemetery for next year, its tenth anniversary, is 10,000 wreaths. There are a lot of ways to sponsor wreaths, check out the website (wreathsacrossamerica.com). You can start sponsoring wreaths for next December right now.For me personally the event was very fulfilling. I’m so glad that I took the time to be part of this simple gesture of laying a wreath at a veterans’ grave. You know, it felt like I did something right, it made me feel good. REMEMBER, HONOR, TEACH.
Ride Defensively and Stay Safe Spilla

Hey Scooter Folk the weather has been beautiful, something I’m sure we are all enjoying. The event at the Sail Inn on 10/25, honoring veterans had some very emotional moments. The Missing Man Table and Honors Ceremony, was very moving for all that were in attendance. Elrod did a very nice job moderating the ceremony and we could feel his passion and emotion throughout his presentation. I got to thinking about the symbols of the Missing Man Table and decided to do some research about the ceremony and pass along my findings. I hope you find it worthy. The table ceremonial remembrance originally grew out of US concern of the Vietnam War POW/MIA issue.
10.25.2014 Color Guard 10.25.2014 Missing Man Table

Permanent placement of the Missing Man Table can be found in dining facilities of US armed forces to the memories of the fallen, missing or imprisoned military service members. You can also find the Missing Man Tableat some VFW’s throughout the country.
The Missing Man Table is also used in ceremonies, such as military service balls, and military dining-in ceremonies. When this is done a narration is given explaining what each item is and what it symbolizes. All though a table is set for one,I found that a table can be set for six. Usually the table of six is for very large events. The six places represent the five branches of the service, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard. The sixth is for civilians who served and diedalongside the military or missing during an armed conflict. TheTable is round because of the everlasting concern on the part of the survivors and their missing loved onesTheTablecloth is white to symbolize the purity of his intentions in responding to his country’s call to duty. A single Red Rose in a vase, signifies the blood that many have shed in sacrifice in order for the United States of America to remain a free country. The rose also reminds us of the family and friends of our missing service members who keep the faith,  while awaiting the return of their loved ones. Either a yellow ribbon or a red ribbon is tied around the vase. A Yellow Ribbon represents the demand of thousands who wore the yellow ribbon on their lapel and want a proper accounting of our comrades who are not among us today. A Red Ribbonrepresents an unyielding resolve to get a proper accounting of all those who have not returned.The Lemon slice on the bread plate represents the bitter fate of the missing and captured. Salt sprinkles on the plate are for the tears endured by those missing and their families who seek answers. AnInverted Glass represents the fact that the missing and fallen cannot partake in the evenings toast. A single burning Candle represents the light of hope and an illumination to guide the way home. The Empty Chair, the missing and fallen are not present and that they have not been forgotten. Sometimes it is tilted up to the table keeping it reserved for those that are not present. Sometime a bible is used. The Bibleis for the strength we gain through faith to sustain those lost from our country. The country was founded as “One Nation Under God.” Most of the time a bible is not used because of all the different religions that we as a free country can practice. I say feel free to use a bible if you desire! I have also seen a Black Napkin used as part of the ceremony. The napkin is because of the lack of government leaders and politicians’ efforts in bringing our soldiers home. These brave men and women answered our nations’ call and served the Cause of Freedom. This table is a very special way of symbolizing the fact that members of our Armed Forces are missing from our ranks. We referred to them as POW’s and MIA’s. Our Brothers and Sisters are unable to be with their loved ones and families here, so we join together to pay our humble tribute to them, and bear witness to their continued absence.It’s all for nothing if we don’t have freedom! We must never forget!Veterans Day was 11/11 and this month 12/7 we remember those who lost their lives when the Japs invaded Pearl Harbor. 2403 U S citizens lost their lives including 68 civilians. Almost 1200 were wounded on that day. I found that there is no right or wrong when setting the Missing Man Table as long it is done with respect and honor.GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS!
Ride Defensively and Stay Safe! Spilla

Bikers for Boobies Hey scooter folk, its November the airs cooler and you may need a jacket when riding at night. Love it! What an honorfor Lisa and I to be able to take part in the Biker’s for Boobies Poker Run held on September 20th. The weather was great for the poker run, after raining for 3 days straight. Just about everyone was supporting pink, even seen some pink whiskers. Well there were 246 bikes with about 400 riders and backseats that participated on the run. The run started with registration at Thunder Tavern & Liquor Closet. First stop was at Captain Jacks then on to Venom 2 followed by the Sail Inn, then returning to Pasco County at Boondocks Bar and Grill. The final leg of the poker run ended back at Thunder Tavern. Great job by all these establishments, they were all well prepared for the large number of biker folk that rode into their place. I inquired with a few people to find out who was running the event and I was lead to Kathi Ritz. Kathi and a coworker raised $1100 last year. They had 75 people walk and she felt they could do better. Kathi and her friend Diane Gonyea thought about doing a poker run with the biker folks. The poker run and fundraiser was part of Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. Making Strides Against Breast Cancer is the largest network of breast cancer awareness events in the United States. Today it reaches nearly 300 communities. All the events are a wonderful opportunity to honor those who have battled breast cancer, raise awareness about what we can do to reduce breast cancer risk and raise money to help American Cancer Society fight the disease with research, information and services, and access mammograms for women who need them.
In 1984 Margery Gould Rath a cancer survivor wanted to find a way to celebrate fellow cancer survivors by raising funds for the American Cancer Society. She along with fellow survivors and volunteers, Margie created a “move-along-a-thon” called Making Strides Against Cancer. The event was to bring people together in an effort to help the fight against cancer. The first event was held in Boston and drew 200 walkers, becoming an annual city tradition.
It was in 1993 that the event officially became known as the American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, 4,000 walkers participated at events in Boston and Manchester NH. Making Strides now has about 8 million walkers across the country, raising $460 million to fight Breast Cancer. Margie lost her battle to cancer in 2001, but was a dedicated volunteer to Making Strides until her passing.
Kathi would like to thank everyone who helped and supported this event. The food was all donated by a slew of people, including a lot of Kathi’s coworkers from Walmart. Eric Voge did a great job making the t-shirts and the Facebook page. All those who donated items and/or there time is why this event was such a success.
The Boobie Board was a great idea. They had different size bras put on a board and you had to try and toss a ping pong ball in the cups. I thought the smaller the cup the bigger the prize. I don’t know how that worked out. There was also a dunk tank used to raise money. Along with the games an auction, raffles and of course the poker run where used to raise money for the event.
The Bearded Brothers Band entertained the crowd and even though one of the members was not able to make the gig they sounded great. I love how the fiddle is incorporated into their sound.
Once again we saw the kindness and unselfish giving of our local biker community as they came together to raise a total of $10,306.81, for a cause that we have all been affected by in one way or another. We all have friends, family and loved ones that have been affected by breast cancer and other cancers. To all those who came out for this event, you should all be proud of yourselves. I’m proud to be associated with such caring folk. It was a great day!
Ride defensively and Stay Safe!


SPILLA: Hey Scooter Folk While bellied up to the bar in a local watering hole, enjoying frosty brew, I began talking with one of the locals. Ken Hardy started to tell me how he just got back from the bike rally up at Sturgis. So of course me being not so shy I began to ask him how it was. He stated that he had a great time and that he took first place in a bike show while he was there. I thought that was pretty cool, so I proceeded to inquire more details. The bike show was held at the EasyRiders Saloon. EasyRiders Saloon is 23,000 square-feet on three floors, featuring a steakhouse, multiple bars, a third floor VIP area, a stage for entertainment, outdoor elevated boardwalk and 3 levels of outdoor balconies.


SPILLA1 SPILLA2 SPILLA3  spilla5 His scoot took 1st Place in the Modified Stock Division on August 5, 2014. The bike is a 2000 HD Softail Deuce with 95 cu and 211 cams. She has a Super E Carb and a chromed Pacho Springer front end. PPG Paint colors are Root Beer with Burnt Orange Flames, very sweet colors. The paint has been flawlessly sprayed on a custom 4.4 gallon tank and custom fenders. The brown Python Seat and swing arm bag accent this ride beautifully. This scoot is built to ride and has an air ride system. Ken said he put about 2oo miles on her while in S D. Last year Ken took 2nd place with the same scoot. He wasn’t satisfied so he made some changes to his bike and trailered her back to South Dakota. He changed the headlight and taillights, and going to stainless steel braided oil lines also helped change the motorcycles look. What I really like are the up skirt pipes he added. They look and sound great. I think the new pipes are what put him into 1st place. Ken says this is a hobby. I can attest to the fact that he loves to talk about bikes. He likes helping others with their bikes to. He takes a lot of pride in his bike. If you see him out and about chat him up, he’s a good guy. Local bike builders, painter and craftsmen worked on this bike with Ken. Good to see a local biker do well at such a big event. Congrats Ken; hope you come in first at the Rats Hole in October. Ken said he would bring his scoot to some local events so we can all check her out. Look for the burnout devil he has on her. Awesome, Roger Wilco Day falls on a Saturday next month. I cannot wait to celebrate. That’s it for me. Ride defensively and Stay Safe. “SPILLA”