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Capt. Scotty

August 2017

What’s up Brothers and Sisters :
To any who may care or have noticed, the Florida Blueberry Festival is no longer affiliated with Brooksville. In a long intense battle lasting a few yrs the queen bitch that is head of it finally stuck the last dagger in the city. To make it short she basically took the money and ran leaving the city with nothing to show for it but dept, false and broken promises and a very bad taste in its mouth. Ok enough of the negative, moving forward many of the city residents and business people are now in the process of doing it right by the cit and now have put the wheels in place, THE BROOKSVILLE BLUE BERRY FESTIVAL will be held in 2018 somewhere down town. Spearheading this group is John Lee of the Coney Island. It will be smaller I’m sure the first year but will only encumpas
Local vendors, talent and Farmers, with pricing way more in line with the folks in mind and the vendors as well. This will not be a money grab as the Michael Heard group made it out to be.I worked the old festival every yr but two.
And the last yr I did not because I finally figured out what a crook the organizer was. This will not be the case with the home grown faction. As always you can contact city council members for more detailed info on the discord between the city and the Crooks who blew town may i.suggest if you care to contact the Vice Mayor Betty Erhard she will be happy to fill you in. Then get on FB and get on the Brooksville Blue Berry page and see what’s going on if ya care to help out or are a local vendor or band
All the Contact info is there. Its out town and now our people are working together to keep the dream alive THE RIGHT WAY so get involved and enjoy your town and that’s an order! “Until We Eat Again “ Captain Scotty 

July 2017

What’s up Brothers and
Sisters :I have been seeing a lot of posts and news lately concerning bikers being hit by cagers all over the place around here. It’s summer time and ya know what that means, yup, Lotta runs Lotta benefits and what we love to do, hit all the great spots that are advertising in our rag as well as many that may be on the trail. As bikers we love to get out and put the meat in the seat and help some folks and enjoy all the great places that serve what we all love. Food and Beer, good music and pretty girls to smile at as well. But now the rains seem to be almost daily and that can spell big trouble. The viability is bad (especially for the cages) and it a hard game on the scoot! The roads are very slick and once in trouble it’s hang on baby. So let’s all be safe and smart, and plan well when out and about. Makes sure your tires are not slick, throw some rain gear in the bags and a helmet and face shield are real nice in a downpour.
I’m not a real fan of helmets but a small on in the bag may come be handy in bad weather as your chance of going down is much higher, hell we all know this I’m sure bit it’s just a friendly reminder as it were. Of its bad out stay put for a while and drink responsibly and by all means keep your belly full of grub, empty bellies are a curse when slamming a cpl cold ones. So ride safe and and enjoy your road trips and live to see many many more, remember ya may not be killed but boy ya can be put in a chair real easy. And that’s an order!
“Until We Eat Again “
“Captain Scotty” 

June 2017

What’s up Brothers and Sisters :
Well with all the rain we have been getting, AND WE NEED IT things are beginning to pop & it’s time to eat better & support our local farmers.The FRAZIER corn is now in full swing at the farm, we all know how fast it dissappears! This planting will probably last through July. They also have a large selection of of farm fresh produce if you were not aware. Summer is coming and JO Batten always has the best Watermelons around, we also have the Beasley Farms year round as well and the JG Ranch,there are many places to hit the fields or some of the little road side stands scattered about. I most of the time use these places instead of the big corporate stores. I know it may seem hard to fit in a schedule or not convenient at times but look at it this way, it can be a nice way to spend a cpl hours with your baby and get some fresh air and see the fields. get back to the old ways and a bit of nature. The stuff is fresh and not all beat to crap from shipping and sitting in a warehouse or in the hold of a rat infested cargo ship from Guatemala. You also can ask questions about produce from.the ones that acually grow it, they are very kind and helpful I have found. Beasley Farms $10 box is just packed full of cool stuff all the time. I think its much healthier to eat local then store, ya know where it’s coming from. Another good side is supporting our local farmers, they have a hard job and the profit is not very high considering the effort they put in. So why not help them help us eat better, the local farm or shop had once been the cornerstone of the community be it Butcher Baker Shoe Repair Drug Store etc all helped each other in a common goal to prosper and be a part of the town, it’s a dying thing today and we should all do some part to save it or at least keep what’s left alive. This is also the nice thing about our County and Brooksville we have that ability still. So what do ya day kids let’s preserve our heritage and eat from the land we occupy once and a while and that’s an order!
“Until We Eat Again “Captain Scotty”

May 2017

What’s up Brothers & Sisters :Well ye haw kids we got a new BBQ place that’s real handy for all you folks on Scoots & it’s called Backwoods BBQ.It’located on 41 north across from builders surplus & just south of the old Zips joint. it’s the big bright orange food trailer and smoker on the east side.Eddie Robinson and Bobbie Rogers teamed up to make some great food I can tell you that. Wood smoked and not burnt to hell it’s all meat fer sher. Slabs are $2, half slabs $11 Pulled pork sammy $5 with a drink and chips and is huge! You can get the sammy alone for $4 trays of pulled pork are available as well as dinner plates. The sides are home made and very unique the meats come dry rubbed and not wet which is the sign of let the meat shine, but the sauces are available on the side or you can have them put it on at time of purchase and they are homemade to,The red is good the yellow is killer and Eddies version of the Bob Gibson white sauce is way way out there man I could drink it like water it’s so good. They have been open for a few weeks and are selling out every day, sometimes a bit to fast, but are working to get the amount right as not to waste food as they only sell fresh not yesterday’s leftovers so be patient as they work out the numbers.They are open at this point Friday Saturday and Sunday from 11 am till 6pm or until sold out which caN happen early at times so go see what all the hub bub is about I have eatin it many many times, just a good simple BBQ with great local people running it, I’m having jelous panic attacks when I see the huge smoker as I have a thing for them you will see why when you see it it’s a monster! So tell em Captain Scotty Sent ya and go get some good country grub that’s and order!
“Until We Eat Again “ Captain Scotty 

April 2017 

What’s Up Brothers and Sisters :
Mixing a little food and politics today. As you know the cops in this country are taking a beating both on the street and in the media, even the former cop hating potus would chime in and pass sentence hours after an incident on the street, he did this many times, fueling the hate and riots. Along with the big brass on Ferguson when they said on live TV that they gave the lawless a safe space to burn and loot their own town for christ sakes.
This went on all over the country and still does but it gets little coverage.

 Even as late as St Pattys Day in Orlando and cop hating DA. was not seeking the Death penalty for the fleeing murderer that killed a Deputy in front of the convenience store, this is an outrage! Thank god our Governor fired her and got a real prosecutor on the case. As you can see by the picture of me and our police Chief GeorgeTurner, a cpl weeks ago I took it upon myself to cook up a ton of Italian Sausage with peppers and onions and all the fixins and deliverd a nice lunch to our men and women in blue, my BLUE LIVES MATTER MEAL as it were. As I support our cops and all first responders and military. They were very happy and ate like kings and queen’s. I also got a nice tour of the department and it was very
informative and interesting to say the least. These folks are just like you and I and have a hard job. I’m sure if ya get a ticket ya may not be happy but one thing is sure I don’t see them pulling people over all the time. I think they are pretty fair in our town. So support your local cops and all cops ya may need em one day and that’s an order My next meal to them will be pulled pork ye haw Brooksville Style.
“Until We Eat Again “ Captain Scotty