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Capt. Scotty

JUNE 2016
What’s up Brothers and Sisters:Yes we are talking about eating today but not as you may think. As you may already know a month ago my dad passed away, now he was 86 so HE lived a long life, one month to the day my sister dies, now she was only 59.This is the hard part for me and here is why. PRESCRIPTION pain meds. She was a Vet.and worked hard all her life and had back issues and took the path of pain management. I understand this but it seems Drs. Today dole this stuff out like candy. How can a Dr give out Morphine-Soma-Ambian and Percocet to the same person for yrs and not expect them to be addicted. There is enough blame to go around but this system needs help.I wont even go into the dosages they prescribed. She finally got to a Dr that saw the red flag and a process was started to try to ween her from this addiction. But alas and for many reasons it was to late and she drowned in a bathtub. Im not writing this for pity I’m am so we can all be aware of the dangers and signs that may save a life maybe a wife or child its time to slow down. Many a readers and bikers are Vets, with pain from service and battle. Keep an eye one your loved ones try not to leave them alone if they seem drugged or out of it. When it gets bad the innocent person in pain is so addicted they are in total denial of this addiction just as in alcohol its always best to take the least amount of pills ya can they ravage a body and over time WILL kill you if not VERY careful. So in parting I say please watch over your loved ones and try not to fall into this trap I have seen this first hand and its a long painful process may God bless all of you and love each other enough to save a life if ya need to or can.
“ Until we eat Again” Captain Scotty
(According to the White House’s Office of National Drug Control
Policy , surveys conducted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration from 2004 to 2006 found that 7.1
percent of veterans had developed a substance use disorder )

MAY 2016
What’s Up Brothers and Sisters: This month its about Springtime here in the south. Yes I know the snow is still falling up North and its way wet in Texas ( we know how that goes ) but we are having some great weather for  riding too. But spring means all the Animals are having babies and that means Eggs to me. Yup the chicks are for sale now and I got me some nice ones to replace the ones that got chewed up by Varmints.
At the request of momma I finally had to rebuild the coop and make it bullet proof from intrusion and easier to go in and out.
This was a fun job and well worth my efforts and cost as I now have a coop that will last 30yrs. The reason I write this is we in Hernando County are very lucky in that most of us have the ability to raise chickens without the hassle of the big city PC police and neighbors that Rat you out. Eggs are the best source for protein you can imagine especially considering the bang for the buck ya get, even if store bought they are an exceptional bargain. Many Many yrs ago it was widely spread and taken to the bank that eggs were bad for you if eatin alot this is now been provin as a myth.The worry and horror of to much Cholesterol has now been set strait a bit. (its the bacon that will kill me) The benefits of eggs are many with high proteins and omega 3 fatty acids and many vitamins as well. And fresh eggs are so tasty, just look at the color of the yolks. store bought are yellow but fresh are almost Orange. Also fresh eggs have a membrane on them and if not washed will keep a long time and even do well not refrigerated if used in a proper time manner. I just put em in the cartons and in the fridge and wash em as I need em.we eat alot of eggs here and they also make nice lil gifts to people they smile real big when ya hand em a dozen fresh eggs, especially city folks. So if ya wanna eat well and live a bit like our ancestors make a coop and start raising some hens, 6 Will get you all the eggs ya need and then some you will love the food and the experience and thats an order
Until We Eat Again. “Captain Scotty”

APRIL 2016
What’s up Brothers and Sisters:I’m getting mellow I think in old age so I’m not going to bash a certain local restaurant that is well known with the insanity of how they do things believe me it would be more entertaining to have a beer with me and watch me RANT! So I will offer a nice alternative that I found in Bushnell. Its called the Coyote Rojo on 48 just east of 75 on the left. We ate at the joint last week and it lived up to the 4.5 rating out of 5. Clean efficient tons of staff milling around good food and good pricing so if ya are out that way check it out cuz it beats an upcharge to not put in the meat on my wifes burritos (as she is a veggie) and then another upcharge to grill the veggies that she wanted. ( I thought restaurants are designed to cook your food for the high price they charge) be that as it may I gave them three shots to get it right so it Coyote bound for me now. Now on to politics. It looks like its the TRUMP Cruz gig now and I am all on the Trump Train all the way. I follow politics Big Time ! Have for years and now we are getting down to the meat and potatoes. I must say that now is the time for Trump to start acting a bit more
presidential. This latest fight over the wives is not necessary and
although mite not hurt his base it will make newbies nervous. When the superpac put the pix out of Trumps wife. I would have held a press conference and said yea folks my instinct is to bite that being said it was a great picture of a very beautiful woman and belive me I now I see her every nite I’m lucky so if Cruz wants to make points he should have posted a nude of me ha ha cuz im butt ugly naked compared to her it mite have helped his campaign more.To me this would show a sense of humor and rally the woman base he needs to win just my thoughts kids Until We Eat Again.

MARCH 2016
CAPT. SCOTTY: What’s up Brothers and Sisters:
Well it’s winter again and my yearly cold and flu bug has got me and Cindy again so we have been hole up for two weeks and not out and about at all. So instead of telling you where to eat I’m gonna help your marriage Ok when momma is sick or your in the dog house cuz ya bought that vintage sporty that dont run to put next your other scoot in the garageflowers just wont do, its time to cook a meal.
Here is a winner I learned way back in the day its easy fast and cheap to make and will help. I call it chicken Caruso. Get a package of skinless boneless chicken breasts some celery, some good pasta sauce some white rice and Italian seasonings. Cut up the meat into small bite size chunks and cut up a stalk of celery into small pieces (if ya dont like that substitute with your favorite) heat up a good size pan with olive oil and some butter and brown the meat then add the sauce and spices and salt and pepper to taste turn down to simmer for 20 minutes adding the veggies last so they are not over done so time this as you see fit within the time you want to serve, While the meat is doing its thing make your white rice, When the time is right light the candles pour the wine and serve the chicken and sauce mix over the rice with a salad and some good bread. And if ya do the dishes and play your cards right ya mite get out of the dog house and get your dessert. “Until We Eat Again Captain Scotty”

What’s up Brothers and Sisters:This month we go back in time, back to war between the states. Being Southerners and Brooksvillans its all about the Brooksville Raid in January. It being the largest and one of the oldest events in Florida, it actually was a very small battle if you can call it that more like.a raid or skirmish. A small band of Yankees came in from Bayport during blockades and decided to raid and pillage the area, starting at the water and moving east into town. Not having much resistance at the start they figured to have an easy time of it. Now the townsfolk having heard about this hooked up with a small army unit and decided to make a stand on the edge of town, and the fury of the enraged citizens and army boys just flat scared the hell out of the Yankee raiding party and they decided that it was not worth the effort or the losses they would take so they turned tail and got the hell out of Dodge. Now they did get some contraband slaves and some food stuffs but not much really when it comes down to it.This also saved the town from the tourch and I’m sure some of the buildings still stand.Now being its about my 30th Raid I can say this was a wild one at that. Spending a week in a dirt floor tent is way fun and rewarding along with no electricity or modern stuff its a great way to live the history many love. Braving 70mph winds and blinding rain both Friday and Saturday we saw all 4 seasons at this yrs event winter spring summer and fall. And temperatures ranging from 30deg and frost to 70s and sweating it was amazing. Camp life was great as always with open fire cooking of breakfast lunch and dinners as well as home made on the fire Apple Pie and guitar music from Big Sweet T our cook. All in all its a fun large event and I hope to see more of my Brothers and Sisters stop by my camp next yr as the weather scared alot of people off, but it never scares us off so come on out to this or any reenactments you can and go back in time and see a good show and come have a cold beer with Captain Scotty and that’s an order. Until We Eat Again “Captain Scotty”
Check out www.brooksvilleraidreenactment.com

CAPTAIN SCOTTY: What’s up Brothers and Sisters:
Not writing about food this month as I for one have had a belly full of the PC games & the politicians who run the show. We all know the far left is insane and the current admin. is insane & people are getting very pissed off. Congress has let us down with a majority shit is hitting the fan everywhere, you all know what im talking about. Believe it or not I have good friends that think Obama has done an exemplary job ranking him up on the list with the big boys, this boggles my mind. We all know at this point that a politician can & will not fix this mess, they have had decades to get er done and look what’s going on. We are less safe being overrun with illegals & criminals. Rag Heads are making fools of us. the world has just about pissed all over us cuz we have become PC pussys under Obama. I hope ya all have been watching the Rep. Debates (no need to watch Hillary tell lies) the field will be thinning out soon & its time for the big push to the oval office its obvious that we will vote for the nominee. but in my opinion & most it seems this is the destiny of one DONALD J TRUMP & I’ve been saying this for 2 yrs & many have just laughed at me & ripped me a new asshole. but the same people are now on the Trump Train. Yes kids I believe he has the stuff to make us great again hes led the polls all the way and im telling you he has not even got started yet with his campaign or his specific plans he will use all this will come in time. What he does need is all our help on the voters box its the only way we can have our country back and stop the political madness.
Lets not screw it up again when we let Ross Perot down we would not be here now had he got in then. So remember his words well,
If the people dont elect as president and one day you hear that strange SUCKING SOUND dont blame me cuz I told ya so. So lets get out and vote for our guy if the people in this country that never vote just got off their butts and pulled the lever for Trump it would be enough right there with his base to put him in as about 1/3 or more never vote, its time yo wake the sleeping giant and take our country back and not just for our kids, I got enough time left on this rock, I want some good times to be apart of before I cash out, just like all of you. LET’S MAKE AMERICAN GREAT AGAIN
Until We Eat Again Captain Scotty