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JUNE 2017
Are ya ready for this one? Loopholes in the H-1b Visa program allows company’s to outsource American jobs to foreigners (India) thus displacing American workers. To rub salt in the wound – the company’s are forcing the employee’s to train their replacements or don’t receive their severance pay or good recommendation for their resume! Now is that B/S or what? Anyone see anything wrong with that picture! Florida lawmakers sure have blown it with the Medical Marijuana issues! They can’t decide on how to handle the dispensaries so they adjourn & go home, leaving it up to the Health Department to handle it – REALLY! B/S – that is what they were elected to do. What they get to pick & choose? The people voted to pass it & they drag their feet with the implantation! Remember that when it comes to election time again – your fired! See map – speaks a thousand words! While your at it see pig photo – says how I feel! Till Next Month Just Say’n – “Brother John”

MAY 2017
I don’t know about ya’ll but between our liberal (Progressive) media & nut bags in the Senate/ Congress are bound to stand in the way by any means to stop all of Trump’s campaign promises. One point though – Trump & the GOP have done a piss poor job
on repealing ObamaCare. They talked about it for years but really had no substantial plan as of how or what to replace it with. When the MOAB (Mother Of All Bombs) was dropped into Afghanistan the Liberals cried that it should have been thru Congress first – wrong declaring war has already been passed thru Congress. Another thing NoBama was screwing up – you don’t inform the entire world what you military is going to do weeks or even months in advance then wonder why your mission was not successful! Trump is working “With” – “Not Against” our military leaders – as should be. In turn we got bunch of the “BAD” guys. Our progressive liberals do not want Trump acting on advice from our military leadership – REALLY? Just what is our military leadership – not trusted enough for reliable information to act upon? Just what do they think “Special Forces Recon Units” do (along with the C.I.A)? What we don’t think “Loose Lips Don’t Sink Ships? The more of that type of information is spread – the more of the chance of leaks. Just what is “Top Secret” supposed to mean? Plus in most these cases – Time is of the essence! A good leader is only as good as their supporting staff & if they can not do the job or be trusted – “Your Fired! “ANY” President without “ANY” military background MUST rely their leaders – well duh! That’s just what NoBama did not do – which left our military pissing into the wind (pulling out of Iraq on a pubic schedule & not finishing the job (just for starters)! Mexico – we have thousands of manufacturing jobs lost to company’s moving their operations but yet we still have the illegal immigrants moving to the U.S. – WHY is that? Because the ones that don’t want to work – come over here & live for FREE! The American workers who pay Taxes will support them! What’s wrong with that picture? Memorial Day – Please take a moment out to remember our fallen military.Those who are proud enough to fly an American Flag – PLEASE lower to half staff in honor.
Be Safe Till Next Month – Just Say’n – Brother John

APRIL 2017
I personally have never owned a Remington Model 700 rifle, which is one of Remington’s most popular firearms for years (7.5 million made in numerous calibers). It has been reported to have had defective triggers with the rifle firing without the trigger actually being pulled (firing as soon as the safety is flipped to the off position, a round is racked into the chamber or when safety is on & fires without warning). Remington has denied the allegations even though agreeing to pay $12.5 million in fees. Remington has agreed to replace the triggers, thru a class action lawsuit – on all Model 700 rifles! If you or someone you know owns a Model 700 – you might just want to contact Remington to have the trigger changed – just to be on the safe side. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke signed an order overturning the ban on all lead hunting ammunition. The NoBama administration on his last day in office had filed the ban without concerned parties input.
Florida Supreme Court upholds open carry ban. It was ruled that open carry does not restrict ones 2nd amendment right to keep & bear arms because Florida residents generally have easy access to concealed carry permits.
HUGE DEAL FOR CCW HOLDERS: Florida expands “Stand Your Ground” immunity. In the past during a “Stand Your Ground” case the defendant had to prove his or her innocence before prosecutors go to trial. Now prosecutors must prove defendants were not acting in self defense “before” going to trial (a big step in the right direction& the only state to do so). “Brother John” 

MARCH 2017
The mainstream media bias & lies have fallen so far left, they are standing in left field with a hockey stick. This is only because we let them get away with it – NO accountability!
They have gone beyond being ridiculous & makes ya just want to say WTF & give up! But we can’t do that – then they win & we go back to the same ole B/S or worse! Trump is doing as he said, throughout his campaign.
Now the idiots are all up in arms crying & protesting because they must have lost their way to their Safe Place? Guess they don’t expect a politician to do what he said he was going to do. 1995 – Then President Bill Clinton State of The Union Address before congress states dam near word for word what Trump has been saying on illegal immigration & Clinton gets a standing ovation? No protests – No Boycotting & is “NOT” called a racist? How they have done a total turnaround & still deny it! Now these same idiots are throwing a big fit over a illegal immigrant women who; illegally voted with stolen identity & was then deported! Well Duh – the shit has got to stop & have to start some where! Don’t do the crime if ya can’t do the time! The travel ban is what our country is supposed to do – Protect It’s Citizens! We have company’s creating jobs for refugee’s – Starbucks vow’s to hire 10,000 Syrian refugee’s in defiance of the Travel Ban.Really? I love coffee but never go to Starbucks, these actions only assures that I never will! Company’s are dropping any Trump from their product lines. Sears & K-mart being the most recent to do so. Sears & K-mart are already on their last leg & I will do my part in assuring that it happens – I won’t be going to Sears or K-mart either! United We Stand – Divided We Fall! Did everyone watch the Grammy’s? Yeah – me neither! 
Till next month – Just Say’n – Brother John 

Just Say’n – As of this writing & only days before the Presidential Inauguration the big deal seems to be – who is & who is not going to perform at the Inauguration. Now – besides the performers themselves – who really cares?? These self proclaimed celebrities just don’t get it! The liberal media still has not let up & they also continue to not realize – no one really cares or listens to their bias opinion! With all the anti – Trump demonstrations scheduled there will also be Chis Cox hosting the largest of them all with thousands expected to attend – Pro Trump – “Bikers for Trump! Go get em Chris! Colin Kaepernick – the 49er’s quarterback who refused to stand for the National Anthem. It seems that his team mates have voted him the “Len Eshmont Award”, who best exemplifies “inspirational & courageous” play. Really – sort of what you might expect from San Francisco. Florida Legislators D- Carlos Guillermo-Smith & D-Linda Stewart have proposed legislation banning “Assault Weapons” (any fully automatic, semi-automatic or burst fire). Fully automatic weapons are already highly regulated & I’m not sure what they are referring to as burst fire? The semi-automatic’s sure covers a hell of a lot of weapons in every shape & form. Also included in the legislation are magazines holding more than 7 rds. The anti-gunners are not giving up! If you are not already a member of the NRA – Join we still need the support! All the way to the end NoBama is still working on his “Legacy”. Legacy – worst ever to hold office! One thing though -Trump needs to closed out his twitter account – sure does not know when to shut the hell up! Till Next Month – Just Say’n – Brother John  

Brother John: November 4th, Lee County Florida – How many of ya saw on the “News” about a Deputy being beaten to death along I-75 while making a traffic stop & hollering out for help? No one stopped to help until a man with CCW permit stepped up to assist & 3 times ordered the offender to stop beating on the Deputy, who at this point was totally defenseless. The man who stopped to help – then shot & killed the offender. Witnesses stated he saved the Deputy’s life. Yeah I didn’t see it either – wonder why? Anyone watch NFL football Thanksgiving Day? Detroit – Ford Field – Aretha Franklin’s rendition of the National Anthem was the most pathetic example, sense the last time they had her do it – she forgot the lyric’s while trying to lip cynic – WTF – they just don’t learn! Hear NoBama’s latest – “Trump should be willing to stand up to Russia” & this is coming from the biggest “Wimpopodamas” of all times! Green Party’s Jill Stein’s demand of a recount for the presidential election was a total joke! Costs us tax payers millions of $$$, when she only got 1% of the votes to begin with. She stated “The People Deserve Answers” Everyone got the answer when Hellary was defeated “BIGLY”. At least all the rioting & protests have stopped – the whining liberal’s must have found their “safe place” to go! All the threats of our “celebrities” moving to Canada are still here – what’s up with that? Why didn’t they want to move to Mexico – are they prejudice? Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Just Say’n – Brother John

Just Say’n – Colin Kaepernick – SF49’ers 2nd string wanabe QB – A 1/2 black $millionaire$ poor excuse of a man protesting America, it’s flag & national anthem. Why – because “Black People” are “oppressed” by America & for which it stands – REALLY! There is “NO” Black Person alive today, that has been oppressed by America – Period! Every opportunity has been “given” not “earned” to every Black Person who wants to reach out & just take it! If anyone is oppressed, they need to look no further than the “Man in The Glass” they see each morning. Does Kaepernick think by playing the “Race Card” – he can be handed his starting job back? Maybe – Kaepernick should be traded to another team & into another uniform! Maybe to the U.S. Military & into a combat uniform! To make matters worse – now he has High School kids (without a clue) following his sorry ass example! If that does not work for ya – how about just moving to another country where you won’t be so oppressed! Hellary & Bill Clinton are flip flopping around more than a fresh fish out of water! The longer they are out of the water – the more they are “really” stinking! They then turn around & lie about their flip flops. Do they not think anyone has any memory or are they just hoping the majority does not! I still project the big Hellary melt down coming. The almighty Hellary is in a panic mode & is constantly showing why she is the – worst choice for president! I just hope enough American people have woke up & realized the wicked person she really is! Between the Clinton Foundation & Hellary’s e-mails, only further verifies how the almighty Hellary, thinks she is above the law & not what we want back in the White House! The media’s trying to cover up the Clinton’s past & current deceptions. NoBama gave Iran $400 million to release the hostages. Now to find out that has risen to $1.6 Billion in non U.S. “cash” & not a clue to where the money is going? Funding Terrorism – how stupid does he think the majority of the American people are? Wake the hell up people! This shit has got to STOP!! We can not allow Hellary to rewrite our Constitution, Bill of Rights & the American Way! We can not allow Hellary, control of the Supreme Court & Military. Trigger the VOTE! Trump at this time is our “ONLY” chance of stopping this corruption & deception! Just Say’n – Brother John

BROTHER JOHN: In todays world – a large percentage of people do not feel safe. In doing so many are looking to protect themselves with a firearm which requires a CCW (Concealed Carry Weapon) Permit.Prior to carry a concealed weapon, one must make several decisions (which have been brought up (prior). Once that decision has been made – then comes which firearm to carry? Prior to purchase – I recommend a little research. Go to a gun shop & see what there is to offer because there a numerous things to be considered. Such as: Revolver or Pistol, caliber (big or small),physical size & cost etc. Even if it is not your first purchase it can be confusing so don’t be afraid to ask questions (the only stupid question is the one you don’t ask or have the answer to). See how the weapon feels in your hand. Test fire if possible! Some say “No Gun Is Too Big” but that is not true. If the recoil is too large for you to control – 1) You would be reluctant to pull the rigger. 2) You would not be accurate with your shot placement. 3) You may not be able to properly conceal it in most situations. This brings up the “Pocket Gun” or some times referred to as the “Mouse Gun”. There are also several choices here: Derringer, revolver & pistol (semi auto). Currently the most popular choice is the .380 cal. in the semi auto (also the choice I made). The model that I chose weighs only 10.2oz. (unloaded) & very concealable. Upon testing the Hornady Critical Defense 90 grain penetrated 14in. into body gel at 5 yards (does not consider hitting bone matter). At 10yds I was able to put 42 out of 42 rounds in the fatal area of a silhouette target with 30 being double taps & 12 being rapid fire (shot placement was the same as my .357mag). I would have to say that would be very effective! My hands are little on the large side (XXL) gloves & still fit in my hands very comfortably & did not twist. Recoil was not an issue. Some of the larger calibers can be harder to conceal without leaving an imprint, when wearing just a T-shirt. In review: I am happy with the “Mouse Gun”- confident that it can do what I need be & is very concealable with Florida summer clothing. As always with any firearm – SAFTY must be your #1 concern. “BROTHER JOHN”

Brother John Just Sayin’: Just Say’n – The Whole World Has Gone Nuts! What have they slipped into our water supply? As tragic as the Orlando shooting was – Is it just me or what? Did the liberal media seem to make it out to be more tragic just because the victim’s were Gay/Lesbian Latino’s? Saint Petersburg, Florida was all over it. Remember just a year ago, when Saint Petersburg banned the Stars & Bars flag – then on the same day raised the Gay Pride flag. All Lives Matter! The Dallas Ambush – “Black Life’s Matters” protest march against police brutality. Ambush gun fire rings out – Police Officers killed & wounded! Without hesitation, who jumps in front of the protesters to protect them from the gun fire? The same Police Officers that they are protesting against! Todays Police
Officers are in a lose – lose situation! They are criticized regardless what they do! Police Officer’s are getting murdered at an alarming rate & there are no nation wide protest marches on their behave! We wonder why they are a little on edge? All the facts are not yet in on the latest 2 shootings (Minnesota & Louisiana) but all the other protested police shooting blacks have been ruled justified! There have been shootings against “all” races but only the blacks are being protested! Why is that? If something should be protested – it should be our Judicial System! The same people keep getting busted & found guilty – over & over again only to be put right back on the streets! Ya think Police Officers are a little frustrated? Ya think when Police Officers pull someone over & see their mile long rap sheet – they just might go into high alert for their own safety – regardless of their race? People bitch about the cops but when the shit hits the fan & need help – who do they call? I have proudly worn my APACK (American People Against Cop Killers) patch for years & continue to do so! 1967 – Milkie & I both lived through the Detroit Riots & it was not pretty! I can see the same conditions arising around the country! Our current politically correct government has pushed racial tensions back into the 50’s & 60’s. Radical Islam Terrorists hit France again. This time they use a truck running over people! Why don’t the liberal media blame the truck like they blame the gun?? Just like they did not blame the pressure cooker for the Boston Marathon Bombing! San Francisco is still at it! The Federal Appeals Court has ruled that people do not have the right to carry concealed weapons under the 2nd Amendment. What part of “Keep & Bear Arm’s” don’t they understand! The Almighty Self-righteous Hilary Clinton is totally delusional & lost in her own mind! If she is not contradicting herself she is flat out lying! I can see a total melt down coming! More on those concerns in the months to come. State Road 50 & I75 interchange – construction for the next 3 1/2 yrs WTF! I have seen entire expressways built in less time & that includes sub zero weather to contend with! Just Say’n – Brother John

AUGUST 2016   2
BROTHER JOHN: Scootergoods Magazine 13 years & STILL going! Is does not seem like 12yrs that I have been with Scootergoods but time does fly when ya are having fun. Without all our faithful readers & advertisers – there would not be Scootergoods! For that we thank you all! I have had the opportunity to meet several hundred people that I would not normally have had. I have the opportunity to write my monthly words of wit & rants (mostly with positive feedback) – Just Say’n. Mostly – I am lucky enough to have a large group for people that I am able to call – friends (I do not take that lightly)! Like Ray Ray said: Looking Forward To Going Forward! “BROTHER JOHN”

JULY 2016
BROTHER JOHN: Just Say’n! Memorial Day weekend – sure brought out the low lives trying to overshadow the true meaning for the day of remembrance! We had several locations throughout the country where Military Cemeteries, War Memorial’s & Ceremonies’ were defaced, destroyed & disrupted. Now these low live POS that have been caught need to be punished – but how? My opinion – Sentenced to life in the Military at half the pay of E1, without the possibility of promotion. Just might learn to be a real man or women & a little about respect! Otherwise they will continue on to be a POS & a burden upon humanity! I saw a lot of American Flags being flown – however I was saddened to see how few were flown at half staff? I was saddened at the death of Mohamed Ali (Cassis Clay) the greatest boxer who ever lived. However that does not warrant him having the American Flag flown at half staff in his honor! Dam – he was a convicted draft dodger! Same goes for when Governor Chis Christie ordered the flag flown at half staff on the death of Whitney Houston – She was a dam crack head! Locally – we had a group riding back from the Bushnell National Cemetery & were deliberately run over by a POS, while stopped at a light – then fled! The POS gets charged with assault – Really! The very least should be 2 counts of Aggravated Battery Causing Great Bodily Harm, plus other multiple counts! After viewing the video – my opinion – 2 counts of Attempted 2nd Degree Murder!! Waiting to see how this one plays out!
Another mass shooting in California! They still can not figure it out! The majority of these shootings occur in gun free zones & in states with the strongest gun control! These liberal idiots continue to coddle & ignore the mental health issues. Instead they concentrate their ,efforts on transgender bathrooms & divide the American People into smaller sub groups – united we stand – divided we fall! They expect things to change, when they keep doing the same

transgenderstupid shit! The same mind set is where the violence occurs at protests! Then they turn around & protest the violence?? Additional proof – Stupid Can’t Be Fixed! Terrorism In Orlando – Still think it can’t happen here? An armed Police officer at the door & it still happened – right here in Florida (one of the most pro gun states) & no one inside fought back (no one with a plan if something should occur)! The POS shooter again – had known mental health issues, known ties to Islamic terror originations & investigated by the FBI. But was still “legally” able to purchase the firearms used! Again – The Root Cause! There were red flags all around this one again! So why was he able to legally purchase those firearms? As I have stated before the FBI data base for background checks is full of flaws!

guns1 nra decal obama3

OR – I hate to think this but have a gut feeling maybe, just maybe they want more fuel to disarm “Law Biding American Citizens”?? WTF! How can they remain so incompetent, keep making the same mistakes & expect a different results? It has been proven that gun control does not work but yet that seems to be their only answer to everything! The day after the shootings – 2 Paris Police Officer’s were stabbed to death by an Islamic Terrorist! So with that mind set, we bans knives too – right! Radical Islamic Terrorism is noting new – it has been escalating sense the 60’s & we have allowed it to get out of control! We have Radical Islamic Terrorist “Boot Camps” throughout the U.S. (including right here in Florida)! Our “Political Correctness” is literally killing us! Islam has declared war on the U.S. long ago & is not going to go away unless we “physically” remove the threat! “F” Islam, Sharia Law & the camel it rode in on! We have so called “Peace Loving Muslims” who sit back & do nothing! Our government is failing us in every way possible –
“Be Prepared” it’s going to get worse! Just Say’n – Brother John

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6/12 – It was a bright sunny Florida day, as a large crowd slowly gathered at Venom2 (Prime Time) for Minh’s Birthday Bash. “Jajer Mafia” kicked out the tunes on the huge covered deck as plenty of staff members kept the cold adult beverages flowing. Minh invited us down for the Scootergoods Traveling Bike Show to help with the celebration. The results of the Bike Show are as follows: “Best of Show” – #1 Mike – 2005 Big Dog Ridge Back. “Best American” – #7 Aaron – 1997 HD Super Glide. “Best Kustom American” – #11 Debbie – 2006 HD Heritage Soft Tail. “Best Paint” – #15 Carmine (Ragoo) – 2007 HD Street Glide. “Best Touring” #5 Kyle – 2005 HD Road Glide.  “Best Kustom Bagger” #2 Billy – 2006 HD Street Glide. “Best Old Skool” #3 Paul – 1996 HD Fat Boy. “Best Chopper” – #4 Joe – 2007 HD Homebuilt Chopper. “Best Sportster” – #6 Kevin – 1992 HD Sportster. “Best Lady Rider” – #9 Lenore – 2006 HD Sportster. We would like to thank all that attended & participated! Again Happy B-Day Minh! Congratulations to all the Bike Show winners! Look for upcoming Scootergoods Traveling Bike Shows starting back up again this fall.

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mini-DSCN6206 mini-DSCN6207 mini-DSCN6208 mini-DSCN6209 mini-DSCN6210 mini-DSCN6211 mini-DSCN6212 mini-DSCN6213
5/29 – Buschwackers Saloon 4th Anniversary – 2nd Annual Veteran’s Benefit – Scootergoods Traveling Bike Show – Tony & Shannon had us back out for their annual event, 10 bands, plenty of good food, several staff members keeping everything flowing – Great Job! Kick Ass turnout on a HOT Florida day! The results of the Bike Show are as follows: “Best of Show” – #4 Cowboy – 2005 HD Dyna. “Best American” – #7 Hammer – 2005 HD Fat Boy. “Best Kustom American” – #9 John – 2014 HD Soft Tail Slim. “Best Paint” – #12 Larry – 2006 Honda VTX. “Best Touring” #2 Jeff – 2012 HD CVO Street Glide. “Best Kustom Bagger” – #3 Bopo – 1997 HD Street Glide. “Best Old Skool” – #5 Bones – (titled) 1974 HD Knuckle Head. “Best Chopper” – #17 Jim – 2003 Big Dog Chopper. “Best Sportster” – #14 Don – 1996 HD Home Built. “Best Vintage” – #6 Rick – 1977 HD Shovel Head. “Best Import”-  #10 Scott – 2009 Yamaha 650 Bobber. “Best Lady Rider” #18 Bat Girl – 2007 Kawasaki Vulcan. “Best Trike” – #8 Ed – 2002 HD Trike.  We would like to thank all the outstanding scoots that participated & congratulations to all the winners! Hope to see ya all down the road. Brother John
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JUNE 2016
Just Say’n – U.S. Buys 32 tons of nuclear waste from Iran! WTF – I thought the Iran Nuclear Arms Treaty was supposed to have prevented Iran from producing nuclear material & we buy their waste? To top it off – what are they using the money for? Should we be giving Iran money for anything?
As reported on “60 Minuets” David Jolly (R) Florida – Has proposed the abolishment of “Dialing For Dollars” where as our Senators & Congress (both Democrat & Republican) are required by their parties to become telemarketer’s. For 4 to 8 hrs. a day, they go to their call centers soliciting money for their party with a suggested minimum of $18,000 per day! Again WTF!
No wonder nothing gets accomplished in the sessions! Jolly is running for Rubio’s vacant seat. I am not one who is afraid to admit when I am wrong – I did not vote for Trump in the primary
( I also did not vote for Regan in the primary & I was wrong there too). I have come to believe that Trump is the “only” choice to fix this shit mess! He is by no means politically correct ( but neither am I). He can be a real asshole (so can I). He is very opinionated (so am I). So WTF was I thinking when I was holding that against him? Trump listens to the people – we the people! We are sick of our entire governmental process & just want it fixed! We don’t care if he is not friends with Rosie O’Donnell. We don’t care if he offends illegal immigrants (they offend us)! If our house gets infested with rats – we don’t care who clears them out – we just want the rats gone!
Just Say’n & Stick’n to it – Brother John

May 2016 1
Just Say’n! These so called “Hollywood Stars” are really pathetic! Many make millions of $$ from their movies involving guns only to turn around & lobby against guns? What guns are ok only if they make money from them in their movies but not in real life?? Worst shade of hypocritical! California’s sanctuary city of San Francisco has forced their last gun shop to close “High Bridge Arms” which had been open sense 1952. Even sadder – I bet they are really proud of themselves! Still on a sad note: The majority of American Firearm Manufacture’s are located in states that are in favor of banning guns! WTF – Move your shit out to a pro gun state along with the jobs & your money! Give them a reason to cry & whine! I’m sure there a plenty of pro gun states that would give you the incentive to move there! Hilary Clinton keeps ranting about guns but has not a clue as to what she is talking about or it’s laws (as do most gun control nut bags)! During these Presidential Primaries – you notice none of the candidates say “WE” or “US”! It’s all “ME & “I’ . Remember it’s “We The People” not Me or I The People! President NoBama’s executive orders 254 & still counting. His executive order stopping the deportation of 5 million illegal immigrants is still waiting to be heard by the supreme court as of this writing. The decision of it the order “constitutional executive overreach” to get around congress. Back in 2014 – NoBama signed an executive order to correct a typographical error in a previous executive order – which governed the format of executive orders.
WTF – Just Say’n – Brother John

May 2016 2
Brother John Out Riding:4/1 – Handlebar Bike Night – Outstanding! Huge crowd, great weather, the band “Borderline” Kicked Ass out side on the new stage & The Big Ragoo was on a roll. This Bike Night Just keeps getting better! 4/2 – Dana’s Bottoms Up Saloon Grand Opening Bash. Rain & threat of more rain dampened the turnout of bikes but numerous cages pulled in (see Traveling Bike Show for show results). The Big Ragoo & TRHSC kept everyone entertained between band breaks with “Evil Monkey” kick’n out the tunes. Dana has done a lot with the place (outback is outstanding), be sure to stop by (it’s the old IRRU). 4/6 – Bike Night at Hardies with Dave & Trish. 4/8 – The Handlebar for the Jeremy Thomas Band. 4/9 – High Octane Saloon for the 6th annual Nature Coast Biker Bash with the “Bearded Brothers”. The largest crowd that I have ever seen at High Octane on a great day for riding as bikes flowed in & out all day long! 4/15 – Bike Night at Shanty’s cancelled due to threat of rain. So we headed to the Handlebar for a shot of “Lawless Intent”. 4/16 – Great day for riding & headed for The Sail Inn for a double shot of “Lawless Intent”. Mark your calendar for May 28,29 & 30th for Bushwackers Saloon 4th Anniversary Bash. Sunday the 29th will feature 10 bands & the Scootergoods Traveling Bike Show – hope to see ya there! Till Next Month – Ride Free – Ride Safe – Ride Again – Brother John

APRIL 2016 1
Just Say’n – Pasco County Commissioners should all be fired for the way construction on US19 has been drug out for going on 3 years. Accountability! I am just heartbroken that Michelle Obama has announced, that she will “NOT” run for President. She is just so over qualified! To the women with the pet alligator – really? Another prime example that stupid can’t be fixed! Clinton keeps saying that she wants to make America “Whole”. What the hell is that supposed to mean? Climate change has even hit Hilary – changes direction with every debate but then again what difference does it make? Easter has come & gone – I’m surprised the liberals have not changed & suppressed that one too! I can’t get over all these drivers going the wrong direction killing people & no outrage! As far as that goes – drivers killing people while in the course of breaking the law & no outrage. But yet outrage to disarm law biding citizens?? While I’m on “armed law biding citizens” – sure seems the count has gone up with people getting shot while in the course of breaking the law – about dam time! The GOP (Republicans) has really screwed up! They have had control of the house & senate but yet not a dam thing has changed. They wonder why their good ole boys are not getting the support & are rallying around Trump. The silent majority is speaking up! Trump is an asshole – no doubt about it! But he is proving that “We The People” are fed up! Now in doing so – the GOP is so divided & unorganized that Hilary is being handed a path to the White House! Hilary in the White House = Obama thought process on steroids!
Just Say’n – Brother John

APRIL 2016 2
BROTHER JOHN ON THE ROAD: 2/19 – Shanty’s Bike Night – Pretty good turnout! Ragoo & TRHSC even got a few rounds of the slow race in. Plenty of giveaway’s! On the way back north hit the Handlebar for some rock from “Wicked”. 2/20 – Sail Inn – With “Lawless Intent”kick’n out the jams & a kick ass crowd enjoying the great day. 2/26 – The Handlebar – “Common Ground” Kicked out the Country. 3/4 The Handlebar Bike Night W/ The Big Ragoo & TRHSC. “Markus Lee & the Pride” was kick’n out the Classic Rock (1st time we had seen them & are pretty dam good). 1st Bike Night W/ New Port Richey Harley Davidson as co-sponsor w/ Lowman Law. Another huge crowd for The Handlebar’s Bike Night with even more vendors (this one’s a winner)! 3/5 – The Handlebar – “Hot Rods & Hogs” (hot rod & motorcycle show). Trish & Dave did a hell of a job with the show & the “Hot Rod Hornets” provided their old time rock from the 50’s & 60’s. Another great turnout for another good event at the Handlebar. 3/10 – A gathering at Coney Island for Joy’s birthday & a releasing of balloons for her. RIP – Joy! We will never forget! Speaking of the Coney Island – they no longer advertise in Scootergoods & no longer has a Bike Night. With that said: Hardies (put on by Trish & Dave) is now the longest running Bike Night in Hernando County & sad to say the only Bike night in Hernando County! From there we headed north to Dana’s Bottom’s Up Saloon for Bike Night with Renee providing the entertainment w/ a nice fire out back. Pretty good turnout! 3/11 The Handlebar w/ “Rebel Soul” kicking out solid country to a pretty good crowd. 3/12 – Hilltop Saloon w/ “Lawless Intent” Rock’n the classic’s on a great day for riding. The $2 Longnecks & $3 Jack was flowing. 3/18 – Shanty’s Bike Night w/ The Big Ragoo & TRHSC. Not as good of turnout but still had fun all the same. While heading back north we stopped at the Handlebar for another fix on “Lawless Intent”. 3/20 Sandtrap – 3rd Annual Easter Basket Drive sponsored by Lowman Law for kids & families in transition of Hernando County. An adult Easter Egg Hunt with over 400 eggs hidden was a huge success (Kim won the Bud Light cooler) & the food was great! A lot of material for the baskets was collected – thanks to all that participated. Till next month – Ride Free – Ride Safe – Ride Again – Brother John


MARCH 2016
As of this writing: Six weeks into the new year we have – NoBama telling us not to stereotype Muslims due to a few radicals but yet he stereotype’s legal firearm owners due to a few radicals – really? Get this – Liberals off in LaLa Land are buying into this thought process! But then again – How can we expect someone to see the big picture when they can’t see in front of the nose? We also have our presidential debates on “both” sides turn into a 3 ring circus. On the GOP side – totally out control backstabbing with the biggest bully threatening to take his marbles & go home if their not nice to him – really? Some totally clueless statements made by all of the above & you just wonder WTF! They change their stance on issues, whenever the wind changes directions. Now on the Democratic side – They have gone from patting each other on the back trying to convince everyone how great they are & their support for the almighty one – NoBama. To now with – outright lies, backstabbing, cheerleading, totally off the wall, changing their stance on issues as the wind blows, double talk & panic. I wonder why the Democrats refuse to have any of their debates hosted by Fox News? Picture the rest of the world watching this spectacle as a bunch of bobble heads shaking their heads – wondering WTF! Do we really have to wonder why the rest of the world are loosing respect for the U.S.? Maybe we should make this into a reality show: America – Drama Central! You can’t just make this shit up! We don’t have to worry about terrorism destroying America – we continue to destroy ourselves. United we stand – Divided we fall! In the mean time – N. Korea has launched a satellite that may be capable of emitting an EMP (electrical magnetic impulse) which could be capable of shutting down the U.S. electrical grids. Along with all electronic systems built sinse 1986.
China has deployed numerous missile’s to “their” manmade island
in the east China Sea. !       Just Say’n – Brother John

Brother John; Just a few fact checks here: NoBama recently addressed the nation on gun control & stated that “1 in 30 internet gun sales go to felons” – “internet sales don’t require background checks”. Wrong! I have made one internet firearm purchase (handgun) – firearm “HAD” to be shipped to a licensed firearm dealer where upon a background check was performed before I could receive the firearm. However the 3 day waiting period was wavered due to having a concealed carry permit. I have made a handgun purchase from a gun show (Michigan 1977), where a “purchase permit” (background check performed upon receiving permit) was required prior to purchase – NO – so called “gun show loop hole”. I have also made several long gun purchases (rifles & shotguns) & those also required a background check. NoBama stated “Guns are available to anyone – at anytime” so we know that’s more B/S! He stated that “background checks will be expanded”! They can expand them to the point that no one will be able to pass them! Remember the statement made “ALL veterans are unstable & should not be able to posses a firearm”? There you have gun control thru expanded background checks! He failed to mention the “true” mental heath issues. He did state that “2 out of every 3 guns deaths are the result of suicide! So with that logic – ban spoons & forks if someone eats too much? WTF! NoBama also failed to mention that “ALL” mass shootings have been by someone who had mental health issues, off their medication or unable to get the treatment needed “OR” Islamic Terrorists! NoBama showed a lot of emotion thru his gun control pep rally but has not shown any emotion for any of the Islamic Terrorists attacks – what’s up with that? Chicago – NoBama’s home town with one of the strongest gun control laws in the nation & one of the worst for gun violence. He kept using the term common sense but he has proven that he does not know the meaning! Remember when “Bill” Clinton, banned “assault weapons”? Had no effect on firearm deaths & was repealed! Hillary is following in Bill & NoBama’s footsteps – just what we need! Follow in the footsteps of one president who was impeached & the other – who is out in left field with a hockey stick! NoBama stated “that we must keep track of lost & stolen guns” – true! So lets start with all the firearms that went to the cartel with the “Fast & Furious” scandal that resulted in numerous deaths to which no one has been held accountable. Then the fact that NoBama pulled out of Iraq so quickly that “BILLIONS of $$$ worth of weapons were left behind only to be used against our own military & in terrorist attacks. Just Say’n – “Brother John”

We have the Taliban, Al-Qaida, IS,ISIS, ISIL – etc. – call them whatever you want but they are all “Islamic Muslim Terrorists”! Obama wants thousands of Syrian refugee’s brought into the U.S. – all of whom, can not be verified thru security because Syria has no tracking system (no birth cert. – nothing). Our own FBI admits they are overwhelmed by the amount of suspects on their watch list & can’t effectively do their job. Homeland Security has 70 employees on that watch list only shows they are also overwhelmed. The Federal Government’s sole responsibility is to assure our safety from both foreign & domestic threats. Do you feel safe? Obama states that the “Islamic Muslim Terrorists” are “contained” (we all know better than that – except for him). He refuses to listen to our military leaders & refuses to address the war on “Islamic Muslim Terrorists”. We must not profile the “Islamic Muslim Terrorists” – Really? If it walks like a duck – quacks like a duck – it just might be a duck! So while Obama address the nation after traveling the world on “Global Warming” – he sure quacks like a DUCK or is in left field with a hockey stick! So with that said & our own nut bags planning their mass shootings – how safe do you feel? What would you do if you were stuck in the middle of one of these attacks? Do you have a plan? Would you be able to defend yourself or others around you? Police are minute’s away when seconds count! Would you be a victim or a survivor? Something you just might want to think about! Same goes for a “Home Invasion” – do you have a plan? What would you do? Again police are minute’s away when seconds count! “Political Correctness” must be thrown out the window FOREVER!Profiling is something that is mandatory. When I see a duck – it gets my attention – when that duck quacks – I am prepared! The Boy Scout motto “Be Prepared”! Obama says “We Are Playing Into Their Hand” WRONG, – He is playing into their hand by doing nothing & is evident by the expansion of the terrorist’s attacks, their ranks have expanded as the territories they control. Declaring war on terrorism as in any war, can’t be done half ass (as we should have learned from the past)! Muslims are not going to fight Muslims! Waiting for the Muslim leadership to get on board is a waist of time – it’s not going to happen! Expecting people of these nations to fight back is not going to happen either. That’s why we have thousands of refugee’s (they rather run than fight back). The fear of God must be driven thru these terrorist’s. They must be dug out their holes & caves & exterminated – promptly & effectively! Occupy bases in these territories to prevent reoccurrence, unlike the past with Iraq & Iran. No pussy foot’n around – get the job done & finish it! “F” NATO – “F” Political Correctness – Get’r Done! It’s going to cost lives no matter what we do! I’m just a busted up old man now & can no longer be a active member of the military. However I am “still”a well trained Veteran prepared with a plan (plans B & C to fall back on) to defend myself & family, here on the home front if the occasion should arise. I even got out my duck call, preparing for the upcoming duck season. Please – Have a plan – Be prepared – Be a survivor! Don’t think it can’t happen to you! My opinion & sticking to it! “Brother John”


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amendment – “All” Americans have the right to keep & bear arms?


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