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JUNE 2016
Big Ragoo FBHFB Fundraiser
I would like to Thank The Handlebar , Stormies Too, Sail Inn, River Ratz, and most of all Dana’s Bottoms Up Saloon for there Support for FBHFB 3rd annual rolling poker run Thank You for your Donations and your Hospitality I would like to Thank Tummy Ticklers BBQ for serving up some good grub and being able to do our event at somewhat of a short notice Gotta give A Big HELL YEAH!!! To The Band Bottoms Up man You Guys ROCK!!!!
I would like to Give A BIG ATA BIKER To ALL of the Member’s and Officer’s who Helped out from set up to breakdown and to those of YOU who went out and got donations for raffle and auction because that’s how this organization works it’s up to you members to do what is needed. Hey Yo The Lovely RHSC sends Hugs and Kisses to everyone, so we hope to see ya’ll out and about you know where to find us just whip out your trusty Bible and see where The Crazytrain will stop next woowoo. Remember Please Drink Responsibly and Ride Safe!!! Ragoo.
MAY 2016
Hey Yo ! We had a great time at Danas Bottoms Saloon for her Grand Opening and Scootergoods Traveling Bike Show even though the weather was shitty and only a few bikes in the show we still had a pretty good turnout  gotta hand it to Evil Monkey these guys are freakin awesome,we played some games gave away a bunch of stuff and everyone had fun. I would like to thank Lowman Law Group and New Port Richey Harley Davidson for jumping on board with The Handlebar Bike Night it keeps getting bigger and better I’m looking forward to the next one maybe we can get some of ya’ll out there doing some bike games next time. Summer time is upon us and so are the snowbirds, keep yourself hydrated and your eyes open for stupid cager’s there’s a lot of stuff coming up, keep your bible handy to see where we gonna be next. “RAGOO”
MARCH 2016
Big Ragoo::Hey Yo! I would like to give a Big Hell Yeah! To Sheila and the staff at The Hayloft for doing a great job putting together a benefit for the Darling Family, even though it was a little short notice they managed to pull it together and there may not have been as many in attendance that we hoped for like we always do at any event I think we did pretty good with what we had and a special Thanks to those of you who showed your support and mostly those of you who where friends of Randall (R.I.P.)In tragedy’s such as these that have happened over the years to brothers and sisters that we may or may not have personally known we come together to help each other out and it’s not about the money raised it’s about remembering the ones we have lost and the Love and Respect that we all share in one another I’ve always said what it means to me to be a Biker in this community to be a Biker in this Country Love, Honor, and Respect. I would like to give a Big Hell Yeah! to those of you who Helped out with The Rocking Horse Farm Benefit Larry and Lisa and Mother Hen,Stephen and Connor and Rudawg for doing a great job with the Breakfast Registration and to Murph and Claire and Handlebar and Lil Bit and Tennessee and forgot your ol’ lady’s name for Helping us do an early pre set up at Kathy’s Hideaway and Thank You to Redeye and Candy and Rob our cook and Ricky and I know I’m forgetting somebody and most of all My Love Tina The Red Headed Stepchild. You Guy’s Rock!!!! And to all of you who showed your support even had FBHFB Members from Marion county showed up, I’ve said it before and I will say it again and again if it wasn’t for YOU we couldn’t do what we do. Well Hopefully the nights will get more bearable for dare I say it you fair weathered riders Hope to see ya’ll at our Bike Nights the first Friday night of the month we’re at The Handlebar from 7-11 with live music. The second Thursday of the month you can find us out on the back patio at Thunder Tavern from 7-10 and the Third Friday of the month we’re at Shanty’s from 7-10 where we have the whole parking lot to ourselves so start practicing your slow race and cone ball skills let’s do some ol skool bike games Life is to Short So Get Out and RIDE!!!!
Please Drink Responsibly and Ride Safe!!! “Big Ragoo”
Hey Yo How You’s doin wow what a busy month it seems like every year around the Holiday’s everything gets hectic not only the hustle and bustle of every day life and everyone in a hurry to get nowhere and every weekend there’s something going on somewhere but I have to say I am very glad for being able to do what’s important. I would like to give a shout out to Randall one of our members from FBFHB for doing a great job putting together his first poker run A Big ATA Biker, I would like to Thank everyone who came out early and Helped set up for our Family Fun Fest and to all of you who donated time and items and those of you who came out and showed your support we raised some money and Toy’s for Operation Unwrap A Smile. A good time had by all. A Big Hell Yeah to Lost n Found Outstanding job as always You Guy’s Rock. Wow what a day for Wreaths Across America even though I had a brain fart and went the wrong way I was able to get back on track and made my way back to the front of the pack as we headed to the Walmart Distribution Center great day great ride awesome turnout I would like to Thank those of you who Helped place wreaths on specific graves we couldn’t have done it without your Help.
Another Awesome day at The Sandtrap 3rd Annual Toy Drive Jeff and the staff always do a great job awesome food by George and Lorraine and plenty to go around. Don’t forget once the Holiday’s are over we Hope to see Ya’ll at Bike Nights the first Friday of the month at The Handle Bar and the third Friday at Shanty’s and a whole lot more coming up so make sure you get your bible handy and find out where we gonna be next. Until Next Time Please Drink Responsibly and Ride Safe!!!! Happy New Year!!! Big Ragoo.


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Hey Yo!! I would like to give a Big Hell Yeah to all of you who showed your support for Rhino and Joanne, and especially Doug and the staff at High Octane and all the bands that played that day, awesome job, great turnout and Ya’ll helped raise over 5000.00 bucks!!!! Brothers and Sisters coming together to Help each other out. As you all know we celebrated our one year anniversary for Florida Bikers Helping Florida Bikers we had a great turnout in spite of the rain, I would like to thank Marty for donating the food that day and Lawless Intent for donating their time, we also Honored the loss of yet another brother in the wind due to a careless driver. R.I.P Sir Cisco…..I would like to thank Kay and Elrod and the crew at The Sail Inn for allowing us to hold our fundraiser for F.B.H.F.B. there and George Marshall, and Lawless Intent for donating their time. I would like to thank those of you who donated food and items especially Darryl (aka Mr.Peanut) Elrod for donating the pork, George for the chicken parm and stromboli Hell Yeah!!! that was some good grub. And a Big ATA Biker for all of you who Helped us raise over 2000.00 for F.B.H.F.B. in the words of our Brother Ray…I’m Looking Forward To Looking Forward. R.I.P. Ray aka Rooster….God Bless Please Drink Responsibly and Ride Safe!!!!! Ragoo.

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Thanks to everyone that came out to the benefit for Ms. Bojangles on Sunday March 30th. Also a Big ATA Biker to all the volunteers & from Florida Bikers Helping Florida Bikers. We sold a lot of food, gave aways some great stuff and the auctions where a huge success. AMANDA “KID” Brown won the Motorcycle a 1971 Moto Guzzi.


REDHEADED STEPCHILD: From the bottom of my heart I want to thank The Big Ragoo ( my baby) for making Marcy’s cross and for Brothers powder coating for coating the cross awesome job, along with Jeff and Dawn Di Bacco for getting her names on it (thank you Sol control for doing the work on the cross). Also a bib kick ass thank you to Brian, Cathy, Lisa, Marti and Wally for coming over Saturday to help make the burgers and get some sides together and for Teddy for coming over and help wipe Marcy’s bike down. She would have been so proud having 3 guys polish her bike…lol Ragoo, Brian and Teddy…bike wash boys…lmao. Also a huge thanks to all that brought side dishes Tammie and Thomas Rago, DJ Patti, Carol Sheila and Bill, and not sure who else brought sides … But thank you all so much… Rob, Brian Tom, Tammie and Carol Murph and Clair for helping with all the food and serving it.. Again not sure if I forgot everyone that helped in that area thank you all so much…Also for Q and Mary running to the store since we forgot to get buns…lolA MAJOR Thanks to Janet aka Squeeze for doing the blessings at the planting of the cross and to all that came out to the sight. And to Dino and teddy for digging the hole and planting the cross…I don’t want to forget The VFW Suncoast Brotherhood, Chicks in the Wind, Scootergoods magazine Florida Bikers helping Florida bikers again to all the help selling tickets..And to all that donated items for raffle and auction.. we can always count on P2 and Thunder Tavern (Larry and Wendy) always helping out..i can’t forget my parents Tom and Agnes… my mom is the one that makes the cherries.. they will be ready next weekend..And last but not least….LAWLESS INTENT for rocking the house..Amanda aka Kid is the big winner of the Bike…also the most important of all THANK YOU to all of you for making this happened… us a community we raised a little over $4000 for Marcy aka Ms. Bo Jangles’ kids… they are over whelmed will all that we do…so please forgive me if I forgot anything and anyone…. But can’t say it enough Thank you… thank you…thank you.. for the deepest part of my heart … it was great seeing everyone there to show their respect and honor a good friend and great person!!!!



 Scootergoods Magazine’s Big Ragoo & Redheaded Stepchild at Rodeo 6 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUHInCgi2Xk

SAND THE WOODIE http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=ON38mMa_m9w

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