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Freewheelin Franklin PIX’S
From May 2017 Fun Run





Brother John
Big Ragoo
Capt. Scotty
Freeewheelin Franklin
Milkie On The Road
Redheaded Stepchild

The Choppatime Combustion Carnival


JULY 8TH 2017


An Indiana motorcycle group gave their friend a final goodbye on Monday night. Jon Stanley was a biker for years before he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. His final wish –- to hear a Harley roar. So an organizer put out a call on Facebook yesterday morning and in a matter of hours managed to round up more than 100 bikers. Friends family and complete strangers rode by his South Bend, Indiana home Monday night, loudly revving their bikes so he could hear through his windowThey were even able to bring him down and place him in a side carSadly we learned overnight Stanley died just a few hours after this special tribute.We’re sending our condolences to his friends and family.
SOURCE : http://wsbt.com



September 28 – Oct 1, 2017
The Tennessee Motorcycles and Music Revival is a 4-Day event held at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch, one of Tennessee’s most popular tourist attractions. The Motorcycles and Music Revival will showcase the area’s depth and devotion to Music, Motorcycles, Food, Art, Entertainment, and Southern Hospitality. This year, to comply with permits and to ensure a great experience, the Revival will host 4,500 on-site campers on 400 acres of manicured countryside that adjoins the meandering Hurricane Creek. Additional day tickets will available as well.





Texas Motorcyclist DECAPATATED
CORPUS CHRISTI (KIII NEWS) – Detectives are investigating a fatal accident on the JFK Causeway that resulted in one man being decapitated. Crews shut down lanes going westbound for over an hour while they worked to clear the scene.The accident took place shortly after midnight Thursday. Detectives say a man was speeding down the causeway in his motorcycle before losing control. Witnesses said they saw the man’s body fly into the water.Several body parts were discovered on the scene. On Thursday afternoon, the Nueces County Medical Examiner’s Office identified the victim as 35-year-old Jayson Roerich.   SEE MORE


Harley Motor Clothes 5/8 Helmet And Women’s Vented Jacket

Begin Press Release:


MILWAUKEE (June 12, 2017) Ride with a new combination of coverage and freedom in the Delton Sun Shield J04 5/8 Helmet (P/N 98308-17VX, $175.00*) from the Harley-Davidson® MotorClothes® Collection. This matte black helmet has a fiberglass 5/8 shell design that offers more coverage than a half-helmet but is still very lightweight and open. The sun shield is a two-stage pull-down design that permits coverage options and offers 95 percent UV protection and an anti-scratch coating. The liner is removable, washable, antimicrobial, and moisture-wicking, and features built-in speaker pockets. Visor and forehead vents are integrated into the helmet lip for a streamlined appearance. This helmet meets DOT standards and weighs 2 pounds 4 ounces. Available in XS to 4XL sizes.


MILWAUKEE (June 12, 2017) Ride with attitude and innovative function in the new Women’s Miss Enthusiast H-D® Triple Vent SystemTM Leather Jacket (P/N 98134-17VW, from $450.00*) from the Harley-Davidson® MotorClothes® collection. This midweight cowhide leather jacket features the Triple Vent System; three strategically placed vents on each side of the body can be adjusted individually to customize airflow to suit conditions and a passenger or rider position on the motorcycle. Designed for motorcycling comfort and function, this jacket features an action back and slightly pre-curved sleeves, snap waist tabs and two back-hip release zippers for an adjustable fit, and body armor pockets at the elbows, shoulders, and back (body armor sold separately). For added style the black leather shell features contrasting cowhide leather stripes on the sleeves and yokes, and quilted stitching on the back waist and yokes. Available in XS to 2XL, Plus, Tall and Petite sizes.



As of 2017 the Harley-Davidson Sportster has been rolling for 60 years.  It’s a tough little bugger too, and easy enough to tear apart. Which is probably why Brooklyn-based Tim Harney picked it as his new do-it-all.  READ MORE


Nashville Bike Week Organizer arrested in Kentucky on multiple warrants.

Deputies from multiple Tennessee agencies arrested Nashville Bike Week’s organizer on6/5/17 on multiple warrants. He was arrested with active warrants in Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and Missouri with charges including probation violation, failure to appear and larceny. Other charges may be forthcoming. The BBB put Nashville Bike Week on its misleading advertising list and claims the event responded to questions about complaints with expletives.Nashville Bike Week has faced a series of setbacks since the event’s announcement in 2015. The event is set to take place this fall from September 14-24. In March 2017, its former venue, Loretta Lynn’s Ranch, had removed the event,stating NBW “failed to meet the financial terms of the agreement.”Shortly after, the Tennessee Department of Health ordered Axle to stop selling tickets to the event. Axle told Fox 17 in a previous interview that his attorney advised him that he hadn’t sold enough tickets to be ordered to stop.  Last week, the group announced it signed a contract to host the event at Opryland in Davidson County. Within two days, NBW said Opryland will no longer be hosting the event.



Harley-Davidson’s founding fathers realized how important branding is. Arthur Davidson was the chief cook and bottle washer down in the advertising and public relations leg of the company. They came up with some great idea’s but some where giant flops. You see not all the non-motorcycle product hit the mark with H-D Guru’s. successful however. Perfect example: Harley-Davidson perfume. In the mid-90s H-D went off the rails into the world of perfumes and colognes. Some boasting the fragrant aromas of wooded glades with overtones of tobacco. But to most consumers, seeing the bar and shield logo on , jackets, vests, chaps, shirts and underwear was one thing, but perfume? Here are some of the descriptions>> 

Here’s what they had to say about a cologne called Cool Spirit:

“The crisp top notes of bergamot, pineapple, apple, lavender, and cypress possess an almost mossy undertone. Perfect for the well-dressed businessman, Harley Davidson Cool Spirit also complements the casual attire of the avid sportsman. The heady aromatic blend of this manly fragrance is just what you need to start your day the right way.”

Then there were the aromatic delights of His Destiny cologne:

“Harley Davidson is best known for their rugged motorcycles, but they also have a lot of other products designed to make you feel like the manliest man out there. The scents found in His Destiny are chypre, amber, ginger, aniseed, sandalwood, leather, cinnamon, and cedar wood. Whether you ride a motorcycle yourself or only appreciate them, this cologne is for you.”  YIKES
Twenty years have come and gone since H-D dipped its toe in the eau de toilette market. While the product line tanked in Harley showrooms, most of the scents remain available online on eBay and places like perfumes.com, and Fragrancenet. Perhaps, like good whiskey, the quality of fine fragrances actually improves with age.





With Hurricane season 2017 in Gear, what’s up with the Damage to A1A  during Biketoberfest 2016?

Matthew eroded nearly two million cubic feet of sand and dunes in a matter of hours. Estimates pieced together over the past 8 months indicate repairing that damage — replacing just the sand the hurricane eroded, not any previous critical erosion — could cost nearly $50 million. Another $32 million may be spent to repair and protect State Road A1A north and south of Flagler Beach, not including an already planned federal project. At the peak of Hurricane Matthew on Oct. 7, 2016 a storm surge of 5 to 7 feet swept ashore along Flagler County, topped by waves 15 feet or higher, the National Weather Service said. The large breakers ripped out 30 feet of dunes from the shoreline in some locations. In other spots, sand and water were pushed far inland, flooding entire neighborhoods, and overwhelming storm water and septic systems.
I suppose a recon mission should be undertaken to see what repairs have been made thus far with Biketoberfest 2017 right around the corner.

 6/5/2017 Female corner judge killed during Motorcycle Race

Hazel Harrell, 60.
She was working as a corner judge during the race when she was hit and killed by one of the participating motorcycles. Friends said Harrell loved to help riders and drivers and had been volunteering at the track for 15 years. She was known as a fixture on Turn 7 at the track. Investigators are working to figure out what went wrong and caused the crash. Condolences for Harrell from the racing community poured in on social media.
Channel 2’s Matt Johnson spoke to a neighbor who said Harrell was a sweet, loving person who will be missed.
Road Atlanta has not yet commented on the incident.
Source: Biker’s Post

HARLEY NEWS 6/4/2017

A spokesperson for Harley-Davidson  confirmed the manufacturer’s presence at the upcoming AIMExpo. Excitement mounted quickly as major vehicle manufacturers, including Indian, Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, KTM, Textron and BRP, had announced their plans to participate in the 2017 show, with Kawasaki adding that it will do a global unveil of a new model in Columbus.

The missing piece was Harley-Davidson, the heavyweight in American motorcycling.
The Motor Co. will be strutting out their 2018 line-up for every Scooterholic in the world to see.  SOURCE: Dealer News


Smartphone Diagnostics by Motorscan  for Your Harley Davidson

The complexity of modern day Motorcycles is becoming mind boggling. Just turn the key on and data is sent to every part connected to and controlled by your on board computer.  YIKES SUDDENLY YOUR CHECK ENGINE light ignites indicating, some equipment function is going to ruin your day, consuming your thoughts about a giant repair bill. What if you could check things out yourself?

What if you are not a wiz with trouble codes, you don’t need to be with Motorscan, a plug in diagnostic adapter for most Harley Davidson motorcycles manufactured from 2001 to 2015.

This compact adapter comes in two versions, one for older Harleys, one for newer:


If you are the owner of a 2017 touring model from Harley-Davidson.

There is a good chance that your bike is in need of a safety recall, as the Bar & Shield brand is recalling 45,589 units from those its sold for this model year.

The recall includes nine 2017 models, the Electric Glide Ultra Classic (FLHTCU), Police Electra Glide (FLHTP), Police Road King (FLHP), Road King (FLHR), Road King Special (FLHRXS), Street Glide (FLHX), Street Glide Special (FLHXS), Road Glide (FLTRX), and Road Glide Special (FLTRXS).

The crux of the recall is that a clamp used to secure an engine oil cooler line may have been improperly installed.

To remedy the situation, Harley-Davidson will notify affected owners, and Harley-Davidson dealers will inspect and correct the oil cooler line clamps, as necessary, and free of charge.

This recall is expected to begin on June 6, 2017. Owners may contact Harley-Davidson customer service at 1-800-258-2464, reference Harley-Davidson’s recall number: 0170. As always, the NHTSA is also available at 1-888-327-4236 and safercar.gov.
 Source: NHTSA

Harley teaches and entire North Dakota Community to ride!

As far as PR stunts go in the motorcycle industry, this one might be the best. This is because this weekend, Harley-Davidson is going to roll into Ryder, North Dakota with the mission to teach everyone there how to ride a motorcycle.

With a population of 84 residents, making riders out of the people of Ryder – do you see what Harley-Davidson did there? – might not be as large of a task as one would think, but it is still an important start into making motorcyclists out of the general population.


“In Ryder – and across the country – Harley-Davidson is passionate about creating opportunities for new riders to experience and enjoy the sport of motorcycling,” said Anoop Prakash, the Director of Marketing and Marketing Development for Harley-Davidson.

“By teaching the entire town of Ryder, we believe we’ll show others how easy – and fun – it can be to make the switch from four wheels to two.”

While the main goal may be to grab some headlines for the Bar & Shield brand (especially on the same day as Harley-Davidson is recalling 45,000 motorcycles), but it shows that part of the motorcycle industry’s future success is showing how practical and how much fun riding a motorcycle can be for people…and the easiest way to do that is to put asses in seats.

Hopefully this isn’t the last time that we see an initiative like this take place, and hopefully other manufacturers will take note as well.
Source: Harley-Davidson


Florida RANKS 3rd in Motorcycle thefts!!
Is your motorcycle ripe for the pickin’.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau has released statistics on motorcycle thefts for 2016, and the results show a slight increase in the number of motorcycles that were reported stolen last year.

Accordingly, the NICB says that 46,467 motorcycles were reported stolen last year, up from the 45,555 motorcycles that were reported stolen in 2015 – an increase of 2%. This figure of course does not include motorcycles that were stolen, but not reported to police or insurance companies.

While there was an increase in motorcycle thefts last year, 2016’s figure is still well below the figure set just a decade ago in 2006, which saw 66,774 motorcycles reported as stolen – a 30% decrease.

According to the NICB, August is the month most likely to see motorcycle thefts, while February has the fewest – a trend that the NICB attributes to the weather. Unsurprisingly too, the most motorcycle thefts occur in states with the most motorcyclists.

An interesting factoid from all this is that roughly one-third of motorcycle thefts in the United States are recovered by authorities.


At the intersection of speed and style, The Race of Gentlemen has become a must-see and must-do automotive carnival. Dedicated craftsmen and women build and restore vintage American hot rods and motorcycles to blast down the beaches of the Jersey Shore. This summer, the Harley-Davidson Museum® is proud to bring together the vehicles, the artistry and the personalities that make up The Race of Gentlemen for its special exhibit.

“The Race of Gentlemen” will take over The Garage, a 10,000-square-foot special event space located on the H-D Museum campus, beginning June 16 and running through Labor Day (Sept. 4). In addition to displaying portraits, bikes and roadsters pulled from past races, The Race of Gentlemen exhibit will reveal the passion and devotion TROG compatriots bring to this sandy spectacle.

More than a dozen motorcycles and automobiles will be on display – machines restored and resurrected for the sole purpose of redlining down the shore. Some highlights include:   SEE MUCH MORE




Is Bigger better when it comes to a motorcycle? Some seem to think so and most of the time are outsized by their bikes. Backing the bike in for instance if ya have stumpy legs can be quite a challenge for either male or female riders. Some rules of thumb.

  • Make sure you can touch the ground flatfooted when the bike is fully up.
  • Make sure you have a proper grip on the bars and can easily get to all the controls without arm fatigue.
  • Make sure if the bike has forward controls they are within totally comfortable distance while riding to save leg fatigue.

The ladies like to get big bikes after starting with a small one. It is easy to find a bike just over 12k for beginners. And nice bikes I might add!


OPENING SUMMER 2017! The world’s largest collection of Evel Knievel’s authentic performance leathers, jump bikes and memorabilia will be housed in a permanent museum at the Historic Harley-Davidson of Topeka, 2047 SW Topeka Blvd. The museum will be on two floors of a 16,000-square-foot expansion of Topeka’s Historic Harley-Davidson. The museum will feature dozens of Evel’s possessions, including: • Several, original performance leathers and helmets – including the helmet Knievel wore on May 26, 1975, when he crashed while trying to land a jump over 13 London buses at the Wembley Stadium in London; • Many of Knievel’s jump motorcycles – including his first Harley Davidson: A 1970 XR750 Ironhead, which would become his preferred model, and the Laverda American Eagle; and • Parachutes, pinball games, fan letters, photographs, X-Rays and more never-before-seen memorabilia (Fun Evel Knievel fact: He holds the Guinness World Record for surviving the most broken bones in a lifetime at 433). In his 11-year motorcycle-jumping career in the 1960s and ’70s, Knievel attempted more than 75 jumps, becoming just as famous for the stunts he landed as those he didn’t. Knievel, born Robert Craig Knievel, died in 2007 at the age of 69 from pulmonary fibrosis.










AMA Hall of Fame Raffle Bike: 1966 Harley-Davidson

This beautiful 1966 Harley-Davidson FLH is a pristine example of a restored classic American touring motorcycle. Support the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame and get a chance to win this motorcycle today. Get one chance for a $5 donation or five chances for a $20 donation. Official Rules >>         TAKE A CHANCE



The Motorcycle Hall of Fame Gallery

The main floor of the Motorcycle Hall of Fame celebrates Hall of Fame inductees – the heroes of the track, road, trails and halls of government who have elevated the sport to new heights.

Toys & Collectibles

Put together a lover of toys and the manufacturer of motorcycle sidecars, and you have the owner and creator of possibly the greatest collection of motorcycle sidecar toys known to man. For AMA Motorcycle Hall of Famer Doug Bingham, it began when he started manufacturing sidecars in 1964, and it only got bigger form there.

Indian Motorcycles

Known as the oldest U.S. Motorcycle brand, the heritage of Indian Motorcycles dates back to 1901. Throughout the past century, the machines have evolved into something quite spectacular.




Championship of the Americas Custom Bike Show

Friends of Steve McQueen Car and Motorcycle Show

The tenth annual Friends of Steve McQueen Car and Motorcycle Show is set for June 2-3, at the Boys Republic in Chino Hills, California. This year’s event will revolve around the 1966 film, “The Sand Pebbles” starring Steve McQueen and Candice Bergen, and directed by Robert Wise, the movie for which Steve won an Academy Award nomination. The action begins Friday evening, June 2, with “The Sand Pebbles” VIP dinner. The evening will include a silent auction and wine tasting, followed by a movie-themed dinner program and live auction. The meal is planned, prepared and served by the culinary students of Boys Republic. The car and motorcycle show is Saturday, June 3.

The Boys Republic was established in 1907, as a private, non-profit, nonsectarian community for at-risk boys and girls, ages 13-17. McQueen was a student from 1947-49. The actor credited the school with turning his life around and pointing him on the path to success. He never forgot, and remained involved, even after he became a Hollywood star and legend. The McQueen family continues that involvement today, with all proceeds from the event benefiting the Boys Republic.

Over the past nine years, the car and motorcycle show has raised more than $1-million, which helped create a new teaching bakery, renovation of the 60-year-old gymnasium, and complete renovation of the six campus living units. For students participating in the school’s auto-tech class, monies have been pledged to fund an annual scholarship to graduates continuing these studies at the community college level.               Story from Rideapart.com 


5/25/2017Indian Motorcycle Pays Tribute to Burt Munro

“The World’s Fastest Indian” to be Memorialized with 2017 Bonneville Land Speed Record Attempt by Munro’s Nephew

50 years since Burt Munro on his Indian Scout Streamliner took on the Bonneville Salt Flats when Motorcycle Speed pushed the limits at the Bonneville Salt Flats. Munro’s legacy transcends motorcycles and symbolizes the much broader drive to push beyond conventional limitations to experience or achieve what is seemingly impossible. Burt Munro is now a household name among “gear heads” .  (READ MORE)


Harley in Thailand Soon!

 H-D Inc. is planning to build a so called assembly plant in Thailand, and made their intentions know on May 25th.  The move criticized by a U.S. labor union. The plan is to put the American job crusher plant in Thailand’s Rayong province, southeast of Bangkok. Sighting the fact that H-D got its best results in Asia-Pacific in 2016, H-D spokesperson Katie Whitmore “will allow us to be more responsive and competitive in the Asean region and China,” “Increased access and affordability for our customers in the region is key to growth for the company in total,” she said. “There is no intent to reduce H-D U.S. manufacturing due to this expansion.” Also H-D would avoid Thailand’s up to 60 percent tariff on imported motorcycles. Harley currently operates assembly plants in India in & Brazil.After the New York Times reported on Harley’s planned Thai investment, United Steelworkers (USW) International President Leo W. Gerard  on said the decision was “a slap in the face to the American worker and to hundreds of thousands of Harley riders across the country.” USW represents members at Harley plants in two U.S. states and 850,000 workers in North America. Gerard also said that production outside the U.S. “puts in jeopardy the success that has propelled Harley over the years.” Whitmore said motorcycles assembled in Thailand would have the same “authentic look, sound and feel” as those manufactured in the U.S.Demand for Harley motorcycles in the U.S., the company’s biggest market, continues to be slow as its loyal baby boomer demographic changes ages.

























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