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  BIKER NEWS January 13th 2017

Motorcyclist dies in Palm Coast crash

PALM COAST, Fla. - A motorcyclist died in a crash Thursday evening in Palm Coast, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.The crash was reported about 7:30 p.m. and blocked all lanes of Palm Coast Parkway Southeast near Fairway Circle. FHP said Tyler M. Allen, 21, was driving a motorcycle east on Palm Coast Parkway when Julia M. Murphy, 54, pulled out in front of him in a Nissan Versa.Troopers said Allen struck the back of Murphy's car and was thrown from his motorcycle.Allen died from his injuries. Murphy, along with a passenger, Mary L. Goran, 56, suffered minor injuries in the crash.   Source http://www.news4jax.com/


January 12th 2017 Bikers for Trump plans freak out parks department The New York Times reported that Bikers for Trump secured a permit for 5,000 people, though they believed that many more than that will show up for the INAUGURATION RALLY on 1/20/2017. Undoubtedly, the biker groups and other pro-Trump groups that show up will help stop the thousands of crybaby liberals from getting out of hand — as they did throughout the general election campaign.

January 11th 2017 ALL MOTORCYCLE RIDERS in Florida would have to wear helmets if this bill passes If you are a big fan of scootin’ around without a lid, the wind blowing through your locks, and the sun in your puss, you may have to cover your noggin. That’s what state rep. Don Hahnfeldt says. The bill is a end run around the  $10,000 in medical benefits required to ride helmetless. By eliminating that clause altogether, which nullifies the agreement reached in 2000. In other words a hornswoggle. the bill was filed  December 2016 for the upcoming legislative session, which kicks off March 7 in Tallahassee. Here’s their argument. Siting the more than 10,200 motorcycle crashes in the state in 2015, up 3.5 percent from 2014. 2016 was not mentioned. Deaths of motorcycle drivers in 2015 saw an even larger jump with 546 killed, up nearly 28 percent from the year before. And motorcycle passenger deaths spiked even higher, up almost 73 percent to 38 deaths in 2015. Nearly half of all people killed in motorcycle crashes in Florida in 2015 were not wearing helmets, according to state data. BUTT WHAT THEY ARE NOT CONSIDERING IS THE FACT- In most all motorcycle accidents ending in death, there is a CAGE INVOLVED. Most mishaps are caused by the Cager pulling out in front of us bikers. I feel public education is needed in the Cager section NOT the BIKER section.

  January 11th 2017 23-Year-Old  Motorcyclist Killed MIAMI — Darius Roberts was taken to the Ryder Trauma Center of Jackson Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead.  FHP, interviewed a witness that told them the driver of the 2015 black Ford Focus 52-year-old Beverly April was attempting to make a left turn. Roberts was tossed off his bike striking the Focus windshield. The driver of the Ford Focus who suffered an undisclosed injury had three other passengers in the vehicle, but none  were injured.

January 10th 2017 Victory Motorcycles Calls it QUITS, production will cease! 
“This was an incredibly difficult decision for me, my team and the Polaris Board of Directors,” said Polaris Industries Chairman and CEO Scott Wine. “Over the past 18 years, we have invested not only resources, but our hearts and souls, into forging the Victory Motorcycles brand, and we are exceptionally proud of what our team has accomplished. Since inception, our teams have designed and produced nearly 60 Victory models that have been honored with 25 of the industry’s top awards. The experience, knowledge, infrastructure and capability we’ve built in those 18 years gave us the confidence to acquire and develop the Indian Motorcycle brand, so I would like to express my gratitude to everyone associated with Victory Motorcycles and celebrate your many contributions.” Several factors influenced today’s announcement. Victory has struggled to establish the market share needed to succeed and be profitable. The competitive pressures of a challenging motorcycle market have increased the headwinds for the brand. Given the significant additional investments required for Victory to launch new global platforms that meet changing consumer preferences, and considering the strong performance and growth potential of Indian Motorcycle, the decision to more narrowly focus Polaris’ energy and investments became quite clear.

January 9, 2017 The contentious election of Donald J. Trump has inspired a record number of groups, from bikers to minority-rights activists, to make plans to arrive in Washington around the time of his inauguration on Jan. 20, either to target his administration or voice support for it Bikers for Trump, a group that previously gained notoriety for rallying at the Republican National Convention and promising extra security for Mr. Trump, is expecting 5,000 people to gather to celebrate. In a video posted to Facebook on Saturday, Chris Cox, the founder of the group, said that Bikers for Trump had received the “only pro-Trump permit issued” for the inauguration, and that attendees could park their bikes at John Marshall Park in downtown Washington.

January 8, 2017 Approximately two million bikers are planning to arrive in Washington, D.C. by January 20, 2017.  The bikers have stated they want to thwart efforts by “libtards” to ruin the Donald Trump’s inauguration,  Do you support their efforts to prevent the ceremony from erupting into chaos? As previously reported by the Angry Patriot, liberal activists have launched the “DisruptJ20” to hamper Trump’s swearing in by virtually any means possible. The Bikers for Trump Guardians of Our Republic group is willing to step in and offer protection to the millions of proud Americans planning to come to the capital to watch the 45th president of the United States be sworn into office.

January 8, 2017

Bikers for Trump founder Chris Cox finally secured space after negotiating  with Federal Park Service officials because it seems The BLM and other Trump haters, scooped a lot of the spots for the 1/20/2017 inauguration of Trump. “We’ve already won. There’s no reason for these guys to be going shoulder to shoulder against the Black Lives Matter and the rest of the protesting guys,” Mr. Cox said. “This is a victory tour.” Bikers for Trump became a political movement in its own right, as it held massive rallies and organized support for Mr. Trump across battleground states. It was one of just two pro-Trump groups and by far the largest pro-Trump organization to request permits, according to National Park Service records. Mr. Cox, who requested a permit for 5,000 people but noted that as many as 10,000 bikers might attend, said he was discouraged from applying last week by the permit manager at the National Park Service Office in Washington. “She was telling me that they had already given all the permits out to the anti-Trump movement — permits for maybe 100,000 or 200,000 people,” Mr. Cox recalled. “I wasn’t happy. I told her I had thousands and thousands of bikers coming into town, and if she didn’t give me a spot, they were going to be just mingling around and would end up hanging out where all the Trump protesters are, and there’s going to be big problems and then people are going to wonder why.” National Park Service spokesman Michael Litterst said the permitting decisions are made irrespective of a group’s affiliation. However, he said the scarcity of available space is consistent with the agency’s first-come, first-serve policy. http://www.washingtontimes.com/

JANUARY 2017   By DonV Support for a new Motorcycle Helmet Law in Florida is gaining strength! Florida Bikers are getting sized up for helmets again. Hell has frozen over: 16 yrs after the Florida helmet mandate was scrapped for most Bikers. Rep. Don Hahnfeldt (R-The Villages) wants to kick the sleeping bear in favor of safety he claims. A measure filed in December 2016 would seek to reinstate mandatory helmet use in the Sunshine State. What HB 6009 would accomplish is the elimination of the 2000 exemption that allows motorcyclists who are at least 21 years of age and carry at least $10,000 worth of medical benefits insurance to ride without a helmet. When it passed,in 2000 the exemption was viewed as part and parcel of the then-new Rep. legislature’s resolve to eliminate unpopular regulations. But in essence was a lynch pin to pivot the law o suit politicians on a later date, by removing the 10k mandate.The fact still remains that 100’s of bikers on Florida’s roads die yearly. In 2014, there were 450 motorcycle fatalities statewide, roughly half involved unhelmeted riders. A slew of studies have found motorcycle helmets highly effective in preventing fatal head injuries, a conclusion which led 19 states to anact mandatory helmet laws. Florida bikers do not agree and such legislation I predict will be faced with widespread opposition from motorcyclists. As far as I am concerned riding the open road, & time with other bikers, should be a personal choice as to whether you want to wear a helmet or not. Other things like texting-while-driving being a primary offense should be explored and leave law abiding bikers alone.

  JANUARY 2017 Florida Bikers DO carry LEGAL FIREARMS. Story by Brother John: November 4th, Lee County Florida - How many of ya saw on the “News” about a Deputy being beaten to death along I-75 while making a traffic stop & hollering out for help? No one stopped to help until a man with CCW permit stepped up to assist & 3 times ordered the offender to stop beating on the Deputy, who at this point was totally defenseless. The man who stopped to help - then shot & killed the offender. Witnesses stated he saved the Deputy’s life. Yeah I didn’t see it either - wonder why? Anyone watch NFL football Thanksgiving Day? Detroit - Ford Field - Aretha Franklin’s rendition of the National Anthem was the most pathetic example, sense the last time they had her do it - she forgot the lyric’s while trying to lip cynic - WTF - they just don’t learn! Hear NoBama’s latest - “Trump should be willing to stand up to Russia” & this is coming from the biggest “Wimpopodamas” of all times! Green Party’s Jill Stein’s demand of a recount for the presidential election was a total joke! Costs us tax payers millions of $$$, when she only got 1% of the votes to begin with. She stated “The People Deserve Answers” Everyone got the answer when Hellary was defeated “BIGLY”. At least all the rioting & protests have stopped - the whining liberal’s must have found their “safe place” to go! All the threats of our “celebrities” moving to Canada are still here - what’s up with that? Why didn’t they want to move to Mexico - are they prejudice?


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